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4 Secret Tips to Display Your Product Online to Boost Sales

Every person who owns or operates a business is aware of the fact that visuals matter a lot when it comes to attracting customers and motivating them to make a purchase. But many people make the mistake of thinking that the visual appeal of the products is limited to only retail stores. This is not the case. Even when you are selling products online via your website like eBay and its alternate, social media pages or at a renowned marketplace like TrueGether, you should make sure that you pay attention to the display of the products.

In case you want to learn the art of effective visual merchandising online, you should read the 4 secret tips to display your products online to boost sales that are mentioned right here. Additionally you can also have a look at our other for various tips and tricks of captivating buyers for your e-commerce marketplace.

  1. Focus on the Photographsphoto

The first thing you need to focus on are the photographs. Every product you sell should be displayed with the help of beautiful high-resolution pictures taken by a professional. The photographs should also be clear, uncluttered and zoomable.

Great photos taken from different angles will save the time of the customer as the customer can get answers to common questions like how would the dress look on the back side, how curvy the heels are or how shiny the fabric is. It is also highly recommended that you use models to give an idea of how the product would look on a customer, especially if you are selling wearables like watches, clothes or shoes. Though the cost of model shots is high, they are usually worth the investment as they help a customer visualize himself or herself in the same product like a dress.

  1. Add a Videoadd video

If you want to catch the eyes of the customers instantly, adding product videos or videos with great scripts is a good option. It will allow you to explain the product features and functions precisely and will negate the need for in house demos or installation.

Even if you are selling fashion items like dresses, you can show a model living her life in a dress to help the customers visualize themselves in the dress. For instance, if you sell only corporate wear, you can show a model working hard at the office and dazzling people with her sense of style at work. It might motivate the customers to consider that they also need to look stylish at work.

In case you want to do something different, create video ads of multiple products and add them to the homepage. No matter what type of video you want to add, make sure that it’s crisp, precise and to the point. If it’s too long, the customers might just close it in a few seconds.

  1. Try Different Layoutslayouts

If your e-commerce store or seller page has had the same layout for a while now, then it’s time to change. You can get layout inspiration from fashion bloggers as they are the pros when it comes to experimenting with and choosing winning layouts.

When choosing the right layout, make sure that you push top products or product features above the fold. It is also smart to not just go for horizontal or vertical layouts but experiment with a combination of both. When it comes to layout, it’s highly advised that you stick to convention and follow the market leaders. You must catalog the products in detail, categorize them perfectly and organize them in a grid layout.

  1. Ensure Sales with Product DescriptionsProduct description

Once you have nailed product photography, chosen the correct layout and added videos to your website or seller page, the final step is to write a killer product description. This is the space which you should use to provide information that’s not in the images or videos. Make sure you mention the practical details like materials, sizing, features, warranty, etc.

Also, make the content SEO-friendly by adding in a few keywords because a content without keywords may not get featured in search results if the customer is looking for specific products and you might miss a sales opportunity. Also, keep the content in simple language, crisp and clear. No need for long paragraphs or complicated jargons! It is also essential to try to connect with your readers via the copy and invoke emotional responses if you want to boost sales via the product descriptions.


All in all, it can be said that right photography, perfect descriptions, nice layout, and videos are the top four keys that compel a customer to make a purchase. Use these secrets tips effectively, and you will see the sales number grow in a short while. Focus on quality while trying these secrets because you can’t expect great results if the photographer doesn’t know which camera is the best for what type of product images or if your content writer doesn’t know how to incorporate keywords in the content. Don’t cut corners and hire newbies. Instead, hire pros to help you win the e-commerce battle and get the highest sales numbers!

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