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5 Most Classy DIY’s from Your Unworn, Old Jeans That Will Make You Flaunt Your Style

We are all guilty of having a pair of jeans that we bought from sites like eBay and it’s alternatives on impulse but rarely wore. If you also have a pair and you are planning to throw it away because it won’t fit anymore then stop. Here you can know about the 5 most classy DIYs by using the old jeans that are easy to create and are worth your time and money. Have a look, and you’ll be tempted to try one of these little projects today!

  1. Classy Bookmarksbookmarks

If you like reading, you can use the old pair of jeans that are ripped and dirty, almost everywhere to create classy bookmarks. The process is simple. Just cut the jean scraps you can get your hands on into heart shapes or any other shape like square, rectangle, etc. Then you need to apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the shape you have chosen to ensure that the jeans don’t fray. After the mod podge is dry, you can fold the shape in half and sew it with a needle and thread.

  1. Cute Kids’ Chair Coverjeans chair

In case your kids’ study or computer chair looks old or worn, you can create a kids’ chair cover with your old jeans. Begin by taking two pair of jeans. The next step is measuring the chair to determine a pattern. You can measure the back of the chair from top to bottom and name it A. Then measure the thickness of the chair and name it B. Then, measure the area where your kid sits to the top of the chair and name it C. The length of the chair cover you need would be A+B+C. Then you need to measure the back of the chair from side to side and name it D. The width would be 2XA +D.

You need to use one leg from each pair of jeans to make each panel. Just run your overlocker around every raw edge of the panel you have cut and then fold down the top flap of the panel at the length of A. Make sure it’s inside out. After that, you can sew down each side by using a denim needle. If you want them to fit snugly, you can sew a triangle tab inside each top corner. If you want to help secure the covers to the chair, you can sew some straps to the bottom corner of every panel!

  1. Stylish Wine Bottle Coverwine bottle denim cover

If you like gifting wines to your loved ones, you can create a stylish wine bottle cover from old jeans. Just make sure you have old jeans, a pair of scissors, some fabric glue, a wine bottle, a sewing machine, and 1-yard ribbon handy.

Start by laying out the jean flat and line up your wine bottle on the lower leg. Make sure that the top is around 3 inches down from the hem. Cut the leg off about one inch apart from the bottom of the bottle. Turn it inside out and stitch the cut opening by choosing 5/8 seam allowance. Turn the bag right side out and press for a minute.

Get rid of the pocket from the seat of the jeans and trim around it to ensure you have only one layer left. On the backside of the pocket, you should apply a bead of fabric glue around the entire outer edge and glue that to the wine bag around 2 inches from the bottom. Once the glue dries, you can place the bottle in the bag, put the wine opener in the pocket, and tie the ribbon around the neck to make the bag more appealing to the eyes.

  1. Simple Denim Snack BagSnack bag

If you have boot cuts or straight leg denim lying around, you can create a simple snack bag easily. Just make sure you also have an old belt, a sewing machine, thread, and needle. Start by cutting off the jeans just below the knee. Then you should cut one strap of 10 cm (without cutting off the buckle and including it) from the belt. Also cut a strap of 40 cm from the belt and two strips of around 3 cm each.

The next step is to turn the leg inside out and close the top end. Insert the 10 cm part of the buckle and position it in the middle. Close the seam and run a zigzag stitch to ensure there is no fraying. Make boxed corners. Attach the other strap and ensure that it’s centered on the back. Then add the short strips with a few stitches. Ensure that you attach the straps before you sew the bottom seam!

  1. Awesome Denim BagDenim bag

If you have old jeans, scissors, needle, and thread with you, you can create an awesome denim bag in a few hours. Just cut numerous long and even strips from the jeans and attach them in the basket weaving style. After you create the front and back of the bag, sew the bottom and sides. Make sure you leave the upper part opened. Cut a few parts from the jean to make long handles and sew them too. Add a few buttons, zipper, or any accessory you like to decorate the bag and make it more amazing.


If you have tried one or more of these DIYs and you have a few denim squares left, you can turn them on the wrong side and make use of double-sided tape to attach them to a candy bar. That’s it; you have a denim-covered candy bar for your kids or guests. Add pretty ribbons to it to make the candy bar experience sweeter!


The next time you have an urge to throw off old denim jeans, think of these projects, and get started on them. You will get a lot of satisfaction and feel pride when people praise your crafty skills!

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