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9 Ways to Improve eCommerce Sales During Spring Season 2019

springImproving e-commerce sales is the constant goal of e-commerce marketplace sites like ebay owners and e-commerce sellers. At TrueGether, we face the same challenge, so we decided to create and article on 9 ways to improve e-commerce sales during spring season 2019.

As our previous article all you need to know for captivating the buyers on your e-commerce marketplace in these 7 simple steps, got a great response from our blog readers, we have tried to keep the flow going by suggesting some simple tips for enhancing sales during Spring Season 2019. Do try them all and you’ll be able to boost sales during the second quarter.

  1. Make the Most of April Fools’ DayApril fool day

If you want to improve your e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019, you should learn to be amusing. Create an April Fool’s prank to surprise your customers or offer merchandise that they can buy to fool others. Keep the humor light and avoid commenting on potentially controversial topics like religion or economic status of people.

  1. Plan for Eastereaster

Easter is an important holiday in the US calendar. You can make the most of it to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019 by offering Easter discounts like 10 percent discount on all clothing items. You can also offer freebies like a cookbook filled with Easter recipes if someone shops for $100 from you. It is also a smart idea to create Easter baskets that are filled with low selling products and have hefty discounts. Another strategy is to donate a percentage of the money you make on Easter to those in need. It will be counted as a good deed on the holy day and will allow you to enhance your reputation.

  1. Offer Something Special on Mother’s Daymothers day

In the United States, it’s celebrated on second Sunday of May. Sons and daughters show their love and gratitude to their mothers on this special day. To increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019, you should start offering Mother’s Day discounts a week in advance. Also, offer new gift ideas every day to keep the customers coming back for more. You can also offer special discounts to moms or to kids buying stuff for moms. Also, you can create backs like beauty packs for moms over 40s to catch the eyes of kids as well as the moms.

  1. Don’t Forget the Father’s Dayfathers day

When hoping to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019, you should also boost sales and special discounts during the Father’s Day. In the US, this day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. You can create packs for dad too like dad’s grooming packs or the stylish dad packs to boost the sales. Again, offering a discount for things bought for a dad or things bought by a dad for himself is smart. You also need to ensure that the discounts are real and there are no hidden fee or inflated shipping costs on such offers.

  1. Keep Up with the Current Eventscurrent events

It is also smart to keep up with current events and offer products that co-relate. For instance, the awards season is in full swing right now. So, if you sell clothes online, you can take inspiration from the clothes of the celebrities on the red carpets and offer similar looking clothes at low prices to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019.

  1. Do Spring Cleaningspring cleaning

When hoping to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019, you should do some spring cleaning, i.e., offer heavy discounts on winter merchandise. This will help you to clear out old stock and make room for new ones. It will also lure the customers because most customers wait for the end of season sale to buy stuff for the next year.

  1. Enhance Displaysenhance displays

If you own an e-commerce marketplace, a website or you are a successful seller; you should update the webpages with some spring cheer. You can change the display according to special holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and spring break travel. Often, eye-catching displays can go a long way to attract customers. You can also add some spring cheer to your social media pages, your e-mail or e-newsletters.

  1. Show Some Love for Sportssport

You can also increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019 by showing some love for sports. Most of the top sports like the Stanley Cup Playoffs, March Madness and Spring Training are just beginning or wrapping up. Use terms like March Madness sales to increase your sales by grabbing the attention of the users instantly.

  1. Use the Spring Weatheronline sale

It is also wise to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019 by considering the spring weather. You can ask customers to browse online and do online shopping by coming out of their blankets. You can also tie in weather with the discounts and offer 5 dollars off on a category like new shrugs if the weather hits 45 degrees.


In essence, it can be seen that there are numerous strategies you can use to increase e-commerce sales during Spring Season 2019. Just make sure that you plan in detail and launch every campaign across all the channels like your website/online seller page, email, social media, etc. It will let the customers know that you are serious about the discounts and they will trust you more easily.

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