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All You Need to Know for Captivating the Buyers on Your E-commerce Marketplace in These 7 Simple Steps

No matter whether you already have an e-commerce marketplace or you are planning to create one anytime soon, you might know that a secret to success is to attract the buyers to your website. The trick should not be just to attract buyers but to captivate them so that they can stay on the website for long and actually make the purchase rather than just browsing products and going away.

Though the idea of captivating customers is easier said than done, holding the attention of consumers in this digitally advanced world where they have so many other marketplace sites like eBay or TrueGether is a difficult task that needs a lot of time, effort and yes, money.

One of the things that can help you to captivate the consumer’s attention is to read the following on all you need to know for captivating the buyers on your e-commerce marketplace in these 7 steps.

  1. Make the Online Marketplace Attractive

The attractiveness of a website always matters to the people who regularly browse because “the first impression is the last impression” for most online buyers. According to an estimate, a buyer needs just 3 seconds to decide whether he or she wants to buy something from a marketplace or not. So, it’s your responsibility to catch the eye of the customer in just three seconds and make him or her eager to explore more.

To make the online marketplace attractive, make sure that the website is divided into sections, has attractive content, great images, and the right colors. The design of the marketplace must be modern and aesthetic at the same time. Remember, a customer would always trust a well-organized and attractive marketplace better than an okay looking one.

  1. Provide Great Content

As mentioned before, an online marketplace can be made very attractive by using the right content. The content can be for various purposes like to help a user navigate the website, to tell users about product categories and the benefits or features of the product and even to educate the users via a blog.

All these types of content should always be original, eye-catching and most importantly, written simply. If you use too much of complicated vocabulary, the user might simply skip to another website rather than searching the meaning of a difficult word or words. It is also smart to use simple fonts rather than stylish ones on the marketplace website because the simpler a font, it the easier it is to read.

The blog of the marketplace should be focused on the product being sold. It can either tell users how to use the products or share the honest review of all the products. When you provide useful data and reviews to the customers, they will be more likely to be captivated and might even share your content on social media and hence increase your brand visibility.

  1. Use the Right Meta Data

If you want to attract the right people to your marketplace, you should have the right metadata on the website. It will ensure that the people searching for products available in your marketplace find them easily and don’t have to waste a lot of time. The metadata, meta titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions should always be precise and have at least one keyword for SEO purpose. Also, you need to keep an eye on character limits of metadata that often change to ensure that your marketplaces’ metadata is not outdated or irrelevant.

Be creative with the metadata to ensure that the process of captivating the buyers begins as soon as he or she read the meta description. The meta description should be so appealing that the buyer should want to see the product instantly and get eager to spend his or her hard-earned money.

  1. Don’t Stick to Text Only

Many e-commerce marketplaces have failed to attract and captivate the users because they made use of text only when it comes to creating content for the website. You can avoid this mistake by being creative and adding infographics and videos to the content too. Make things interesting by developing an emoji or a graphic character that users can associate with your brand.

For instance, you can create a buyer bunny who can guide customers on where to head if they want new headphones and which brands are best for them.

  1. Make Promotions Easily Visible

One of the things you can use to lure and captivate the buyers is the details of any discounts, offers or deals that you might have. If you have a deal or discount offer going on at your online marketplace, make sure it gets the attention by bringing it in the front and centre. You can make pop-ups that appear along with the product image, or you can create creative sliders that catch the eye as soon as the website opens.

Buyers like nothing better than products that have discounts or combos that save money. So, make sure you always have a few of them on your online marketplace.

  1. Provide Exceptional Assistance

Buyers rarely forget a shopping experience that turns out to be perfect. You can make the user experience perfect by using a chat executive’s services to guide a buyer to a product that he or she needs. When a buyer gets the right assistance at the right time, he or she will be captivated and would want to return again and again to make the shopping experience hassle-free.

Make sure that the virtual shopping assistant working for your online marketplace is trained to offer the best-matched products, not the most expensive ones as the latter can make the buyer feel pressured or cheated.

  1. Never Forget a Customer

One more thing you can do to captivate a buyer’s attention and make him or her come back to you over and over again is to make sure that the customer feels privileged. It can be done by ensuring that every customer gets the right product at the right time and the right price. You should follow up with every buyer to ensure that he or she is happy with the purchase. You can then use email marketing to lure the customer back after a few days by offering loyalty points or exclusive discounts.

The more attention you give a customer post-purchase, the more likely it will be that he or she will visit your online marketplace again!


In essence, it can be said that captivating buyers on your e-commerce marketplace is not a one-time thing. You need to constantly upgrade yourself, your staff and the website to ensure that the buyers feel special and spend more time on your website. Remember, the more the amount of time they spend the higher would be the probability of a sale or even multiple sales!

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