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Designing a Cover for Wine Bottle Out of a Sweatshirt

Thanks to the development of e-commerce websites and online shopping, it’s not hard to find anything you want online from sites like eBay and its alternatives.  From clothes to shoes, from heavy machinery to home appliances, everything can be found online. But still, many of us get satisfaction in creating something on our own. If you also like to create stuff from old stuff to save some money or to create something beautiful, then you must know read on to know the process of designing a cover for wine bottle out of a bottle

This little project won’t take up too much of your time and would allow you to enhance the beauty of a wine bottle, especially if you plan to offer it as a gift to someone. Ready? Let’s get started then.

The Steps to Designing a Cover for Wine Bottle Out of a Sweatshirt

The Essentials

To make this gift bag, you will just need a yard of 3/8” ribbon and half yard of cotton fabric.

The Measurement

  • You should start the process by measuring a wine bottle to decide how big you want the finished bad to be. If the bottle is 3” in diameter, the finished bag should be around 3-3/4″ in diameter.
  • The next step is to draw a circle that measures exactly like the preferred finished diameter. Then you need to add seam allowance and cut two circles from the fabric.
  • To calculate the circumference of the circle, you should multiply the preferred finished diameter, not including seam allowance by 3.14. Then you need to multiply the seam allowance by two and add it to the first answer. The number you get would be the width of the sides of the bag.
  • The next step needs you to measure the height of the bottle and add an inch to it. After that, you should multiply the seam allowance by two again and add this measurement too. Cut two pieces of the fabric by remembering the width and height you have calculated.
  • After you have done all the cutting, you should lay one of the side pieces you have to the work surface, make sure it’s right side up. Then you should measure down 2-3/4″ while starting from a top edge. Mark a line and then measure about half an inch more. Again, mark a line as it will indicate where you must stitch to form the casing for your ribbon.
  • Some more measuring is needed to complete the task. Start by folding the piece of fabric you have in half, make sure it’s the wrong side facing and then measure 3” from the folded edge present on each side. Again, you need to do some marking to highlight where the buttonholes should go.
  • The next step is to make half inch buttonholes on each of the lines and clip the fabric carefully. Then you should re-mark the casing lines if needed. From this point onward, the piece with the buttonholes would be on the outside of the bag, and the end which has the buttonholes will be on top of the bag.

The Stitching

  • Now comes the stitching part. You can start by laying the two side pieces of the bag together while ensuring they are right sides facing. Then you should start the stitching process along the top edge. You should also press the seam open and then re-fold the pieces while ensuring that the right sides are together.
  • You should stitch straight up the long side while seeing to it that you leave a 2 to 3 inch opening in the seam on the lining piece. It will allow you to turn the finished bag with the right side out.
  • When the fabric is folded, and you have the seam on one side, you should make a small mark at the fold and then proceed to divide the tube in half. You should also open up the tube while ensuring that the seam is in the middle and mark at each fold to ensure that the tube is divided in quarters. Repeat the same process on the other end of the tube.
  • The next step is to fold both the circles in half and mark fold lines at the edges as well. Open up and then refold to match the marks created now and mark new fold lines to ensure that the circle is divided into quarters as well.
  • Make sure that the circles are facing right and pin a circle to each end of the tube. The aim is to march the marks with the tube and distribute the sweatshirt around the circles. Once done, you should stitch the circles to the tube ends all the way around.
  • After that, turn the tube right side out via the opening added to the lining and stitch the opening. You also need to push the lining into the bad and then press the top seam flat.
  • Some more stitching is required as you need to stitch along the casing lines. Make sure that you stitch around the bag.
  • Make sure that the buttonholes created a few steps back are centered between the casing lines.
  • Fold the ribbon in half and cut the same into two equal pieces. Use a safety pin on one end of the ribbon and thread it the entire way around inside the casing. See to it that you begin and end at the same buttonhole. Tie the ribbon in a knot and repeat this step for the other ribbon. Once done, you should tie the ends of the ribbon together.bottle cover

That’s it! Your wine bottle cover is ready. Just pop the bottle into the finished bag and pull the ribbons to close it perfectly.

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