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How to be a Responsible Seller? 10 Simple Hacks

The world of online e-commerce is constantly expanding. US e-commerce sales grew by 15 percent in 2018. If you are also attracted by this rapidly growing world, and you are or want to be an online seller, then you should know it’s not as easy as it looks. You need to learn to be a responsible seller, and you need to be accountable for many things if you want to make a brand for yourself and survive the stiff competition.

Here we have mentioned how to be a responsible seller by providing 10 simple hacks that anyone can use and become a popular seller loved by most of the customers. Along with this post you can also checkout our another related article on: 15 simple ways to respond to customer grievances in online selling without losing the customer base. Read them all and apply as many as you can!

  1. Offer Quality Productsoffer quality products

Yes, we are starting with the obvious. You should stock only quality products that are useful and durable. Though the temptation to use cheap imitations is high given the profit margins, if you take that route, you will be doomed in a short while. So, you should always provide products that focus on quality even if it means investing more money initially. Remember, if the quality is worth it, the customer will pay!

  1. Provide Value for Moneyprovide value for money

In recent times, customer perception has shifted from buying the cheapest items to buying more value for money items. You can make the most of this change by providing products that may cost slightly more but last longer than the products offered by the competitors or have more features. When you provide something extra, most customers will trust you easily.

  1. Be Honestbe honest

This one is obvious too. When you are taking a product image or writing a product description, try not to lie. If you promise a product feature that’s not there, you will end up with more returned packages than you can think of. Similarly, if the product doesn’t look like the image, the customers will return it. Underplaying the products is also not recommended because if the image looks ugly or the product description doesn’t look appealing, no one would buy from you. Hence, being honest is the key here.

  1. Avoid Fake Promisesavoid fake promises

Many sellers make the mistake of promising products or product quantities they don’t have. They assume that they will be able to procure the same in a short time and often fail. This leads to customer disappointment, and the customer might think you are a liar. The best solution here is, to be honest about what you have and not making fake promises. The same rule applies to deliveries. Many sellers promise fake delivery dates and then don’t deliver, which leads to customer frustration or loss of a customer.

  1. Create a Systemcreate a system

When you enter the world of online selling, you should understand that being an online seller is not just about buying products or making them and then selling them online. Many steps come after the sale is made like sorting, packaging, inventory management, and deliveries. All of these must be completed in time to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. To ensure that, you should be a responsible seller and create a system that ensures every order is packed and delivered on time, every time.

  1. Mention All Policiesmention all policies

Sometimes online sellers appear to be irresponsible because they don’t have appropriate policies listed. Make sure you don’t be one of them by listing every policy like shipping policy, return policy, packaging policy, and even FAQs on your seller page. It will ensure that the customer knows what they are risking by shopping from you and they don’t blame you later. For instance, when you make it clear that you won’t accept returns after seven days, the customer won’t blame you when they return a product beyond that time frame, and you refuse a return or process a refund.

  1. Focus on After Sales Servicefocus on after sales

As mentioned before, online selling is not limited to just making the sale and increasing revenues. As there is stiff competition on all the e-commerce marketplaces, you should strive for customer satisfaction by offering great after sales service. Encourage the customers to call you up if they have a problem in using the products you sold them or ask them for the feedback. You can even offer them a loyalty discount and increase their chances of returning to you.

  1. Make Returns Easymake returns easy

Returns are an inevitable part of the online e-commerce world. Instead of fighting against them, you should accept them. If a customer has an easy return process, he or she may want to buy another product from you in place of the one he or she returned. It might not be the case if the returns are too complicated or they have to pay the shipping costs.

  1. Be Open to FeedbackBe open to feedback

Though this suggestion is for all online sellers, it applies most to sellers who manufacture their products on their own. You should be open to customer feedback and be willing to improve your processes and products as per customer expectations. You don’t need to do major changes if one customer is demanding the change, but you do need to make the changes if the majority of your customers want the change. Remember, the customer is king!

  1. Learn to Start Freshstart fresh

Even if you adhere to all these hacks, there will still be days when your competitors will beat you or your sales would go down. On those days, you should remind yourself to start fresh by learning why you failed and making a change that would help you to be on top again. For instance, if a seller beat you by offering products at lower costs, you can also give customers a hefty discount to win them back!


All in all, it can be seen that every hack mentioned here would help you to get the answer to how to be a responsible seller. When you adopt them, you will increase your chances of being the most popular or most loved seller on one or more e-commerce platforms like eBay and it’s alternates. So, start trying them today and let us know which of the hacks helped you the most by commenting below!

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