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Prevention from Online Scammers

Recently, a study done on Cybercrimes has found out that the cybercrime industry might have earned USD 1.5 trillion in 2018. If this hasn’t alarmed you and make you look for ways to prevent yourself from online scammers, we don’t know what will. Since these statistics have shaken us a lot, we have created a list of tips that can help you to get prevention from online scammers while shopping from online marketplaces like eBay and it’s alternates Read on to know them all.

  • Learn How to Spot Imposters

Many scammers pretend to be a family member, a government official, or a representative of a reputed organization. You should learn to spot these imposters by cross-checking with the right person on whether he or she needs personal information from you. Don’t respond to any unexpected requests for personal information without cross-checking with the person the scammer is impersonating.

  • Research Before You Buy

If you are fond of online shopping but don’t want to lose your money in the process, then we suggest that you check the company you are buying from. Simply type the name of the business you are dealing with in search engines and trust the reviews from reliable websites like Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot.


  • Don’t Trust Any Random Number

In case you receive a call from a person who is asking for personal information out of the blue, don’t depend on the caller ID alone as these can be easily faked. Call back the person or organization on the genuine number (you know of and trust) and then confirm they need the information and why do they need it.


  • Don’t Pay Any Money in Advance

Some people try to scam you by saying that you have won a prize and you will get it only if you pay a fee. Some people claim that you will get a job or mortgage assistance if you pay upfront. You should never pay any money to such scammers. They will take your money and disappear from your life.

  • Use Only Reliable Payment Methods

Using services like MoneyGram or Western Union is riskier as compared to using a credit card with built-in security features. So, stay away from the former methods and trust the latter. Remember, a legit company or a government office will never force you to pay via the payment method that you don’t trust.


  • Seek Help

Even if you have a shred of doubt regarding getting scammed, talk to a family member, friend, or an expert before sharing personal information or giving money. Sometimes, other people spot scammers better than you so trusting them is ideal.


  • End the Robocalls

If you get a robocall from any company, it’s best to cut the calls as soon as you can. Never press any key even if it assures you that it will ensure you get no such calls in the future. This is another scam, and you will get more calls if you press any key. Remember, robocalls are illegal and a tool used by many scammers.

  • Don’t Fall for Free Trials

Many companies claim to offer free trials to customers. When you sign up for them, they offer the freebie for a while and then start charging money without informing you. So, you should research a company before opting for any free trails. It is also smart to read the cancellation policy before sharing your information. Also, review your monthly statements to ensure that you spot any unwanted transactions.

  • Be Informed

If you want to avoid a scam, make sure that you know of the kinds of scams that are getting popular these days. To stay educated, read the news and sign up at


  • Report Scammers

If you have been scammed by someone, don’t keep quiet about it. Share it with everyone from your family members to the authorities so that such scams can be prevented. You can also report them to reliable websites like BBB or


In essence, it can be said that all the tips that ensure prevention from online scammers are simple and easy to follow. Do remember them every time you think that your personal information or money is at risk. Once you make a habit of being aware, no one will be able to scam you, and you will not lose any sensitive information or your hard-earned money.

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