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Top 10 Products Selling Most Online in 2019

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal of any online seller or marketplace. If you are an online seller, you must know that only three golden rules can help you to attain success in sales. First, you need to know about products in demand. Second, you should know the art of marketing them right. Third and most important, you should have the drive to succeed. We are going to help with the first by providing a list of top 10 products selling most in 2019 online on sites like eBay and others. Have a look and consider adding one or more of these to your list of products you need to source soon. For attractive display of your products you can check out our other blog on 4 secret tips to display your product online to boost sales.

  1. ShapewearShapewear

More and more people are now worried about how they look and how healthy they are. As a result, the demand for shapewear is rising day by day. According to an estimate, the shapewear market will exceed 5 billion by 2022. Gone are the days when shapewear was considered a luxury item or just another undergarment, it has become an essential part of the wardrobe now. As shapewear is available in a variety of styles and colors, make sure you stock them all to tempt potential customers.

  1. Plaid ShirtsPlaid shirts

The trend for plaid shirts started in September last year and hasn’t died out yet. This proves that the trend is here to stay. If you don’t stock clothes as a general rule, you can launch a category called plaid, market it right and have customers pouring in a few days. Once it becomes a hit, you can foray into other fashion garments as well. Start with simple plaid designs and opt for more stylish ones when you are sure that you have found the right audience.

  1. Travel AccessoriesTravel accessories

When you visit a social media account, you’ll notice that every other post is about travel. People are becoming obsessed with traveling like never before. The result is that you can cash in on this opportunity by stocking up on travel accessories like travel bags, travel pillows, travel guides and much more. Create blogs focusing on travel and redirect the traffic on that blog to your seller account.

  1. SmartwatchesSmartwatches

Everyone hopes to be considered cool, and hence they opt for coolest gadgets like smartwatches. So, if you are looking to sell the coolest gadgets that are always in demand, be it summers or winters, you should stock up on smartwatches. You can let people know that you have the latest stock by trusting Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are usually searched by people when they want to know which smartwatch option is trending.

  1. AthleisureAthleisure

If you want to stock up on clothes that will remain in fashion for a while, then this is a good option. For those of you who are unaware, athleisure is a category of clothes that fall under the category of active wear but are worn even when a person doesn’t intend to hit the gym. The best thing about stocking up on athleisure is that you can offer a lot of products like tank tops, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shoes, capris and much more that can be worn by both, men and women.

  1. Automotive AccessoriesAutomotive accessories

Safety and style are two features associated with automobiles these days. You can provide both by stocking up on automobile accessories. Some options that are selling like hot cakes are car projectors that show everything from battery voltage to engine speed and even water temperature. These sorts of products also help drivers to keep their eyes forward and hence reduce chances of accidents.

  1. Ankle BootsAnkle Boots

The footwear industry is growing rapidly, and every online seller wants to make the most of it. If you also want that, then your best option would be to invest in smart footwear options like ankle boots. These types of boots are not only stylish but are innovative as well. For instance, you can sell a pair of ankle boots that can be unfolded to full-length boots at will. Women in mid-twenties and thirties would be most likely to try such options so keep your ads targeted towards them.

  1. Heated VestsHeated vest

The winters are getting worse with time and snow storms have become a part of life for most people. If you sell your products to people who live in snow-affected areas or who do outdoor jobs like airport crew, ice fishing, hunting or snowboarding, then you should consider stocking up on heated vests. These Products have a lot of sales potential in nations like Canada, Iceland, Russia, Finland, etc. The vests only take a few seconds to heat up and make a person feel warm and happy.

  1. Minimalist JewelryMinimalist jewelery

The minimalist lifestyle is in vogue and is here to stay. The sales of minimalist jewelry have been growing steadily too. If you want to stock up on these fine pieces, make sure that you use loads of pictures and videos for product promotion because first impressions do matter a lot when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Also, make sure you provide all details like cost, making charges, weight, stone information and buyback price of the pieces you sell.

  1. Posture CorrectorPosture corrector

According to a study, low back pain is the biggest cause of disability across the globe. Hence, people are becoming more concerned about their back. You can help people to maintain the strength and stamina of their backs by providing posture correctors. These products are more likely to appeal to people who spend most of their work hours sitting down and staring at a computer device. The searches for this keyword are increasing so stocking up on posture correctors might help with your SEO efforts as well.


It is quite clear that the list of top 10 products selling most in 2019 has many unique and innovative products that didn’t even exist a few years back. So, following this list will let your customers know that you keep up with the trends and offer the best to them. What are you waiting for, try as many products on the list right now and see your sales grow!

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