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3 Iconic Laptop Accessories That Go Where You Go

Laptops are an inherent part of our daily lives, needless to say that portability and scalability contribute to their popularity.

Laptop accessories are essential to reveal the full potential of a laptop’s functionality that pertain to sound, power supply, security, extended storage, printing, mobility, networking, multi-tasking, Multi-user capabilities, gaming, the list goes on. But above all the convenience that they offer the user is imperative and cannot be compromised upon.

Some of the accessories that stand out among their peers are definitely investment-worthy and have been hand-picked by our techsperts just for you. Our top 3 choices are available at most E-commerce online stores.

  • The Tiny Tower-Laptop Docking Station

    With the advent of ergonomically designed add-ons and accessories for laptops, discomfort caused by hunching and posture mishaps like backbone misalignment, cervical spine issues and muscular pain can be curbed to a great extent due to their practical and sensible design.

    The creators of ‘The Tiny Tower’ at The Big Tiny Co took the age-old adage ‘Health Is Wealth’ quite seriously when they invented the elevation-based docking station that integrates flawlessly with any laptop. The screen can be detached and elevated for better ergonomic value and better comfort, instantly giving a natural feeling of a comfy workstation that can be used at different environments such as offices, home, coffee shops, studios etc.

    Beautifully constructed in aluminium alloy weighing roughly around 800 g/1.76 lbs, this power stand has parts that are precision machined and anodized giving them a superior, durable and lightweight finish. This masterpiece works on a clever push-button mechanism offering 10 levels of height adjustment between 7” and 10.2 “of vertical distance above your desk and is compatible with MAC and WINDOWS systems alike with screen sizes ranging from 11” to 15”.

    A non-slip grip feature makes sure your laptop sits right atop the stand along with the extended dual fingers in Engineering Grade Plastic providing added protection.

    The Tiny Tower folds down in seconds to a flat unit that’s wield and easy to carry around. A zip-up protective cover is included along with a quality YKK zipper in every packaging of The Tiny Tower. The integrated cable management ensures that up to 4 cables can be clipped onto the stand without being pulled out of place while you work uninterrupted.

    Create your own ergonomic mobile workstation with the Tiny Tower wireless mouse and keyboard that can be purchased as separate add-ons.

    A note-worthy point is that this stand can take a maximum load of 5 kg/11 lbs which is quite commendable and is available in four delectable metallic shades namely, classic silver, rose gold, gold and space Gray.

    Now that you know why this accessory is so iconic, why wait? Grab yours from the limited-edition stock available at most leading online gadget stores before its gone!

  • ChargeTech Portable AC Outlet Battery Pack

    ‘On-the-Go’ is the real deal in the 21st century and that holds true even in the field of mobile computing.

    Power-up your laptop anywhere hassle-free while you travel with the first of its kind AC Outlet battery bank that is so compact that you can toss it into your laptop bag.

    With an ideal weight of 25 Ounces and dimensions of 5.25 in (w) x 7.5 in (h) x 1 in (d), it is just like a USB battery pack but has a full-sized outlet to charge any laptop with two AC Output power capacity options, one for the standard model which is up to 65W and the other for the limited-edition model up to 85 W.

    You are looking at a Universal External Power Bank Charger for Laptops, Cameras, tablets and other hand-held devices. The front panel of the power bank features a power button and 4 LED indicators that tell you how much the device has been charged. You can charge the device through the power port on the side panel with the power chord that is included in the package. You can charge two devices that meet the capacity threshold simultaneously up to 27,000mAh which is quite awesome.

    The charging panel comprises of a power port for your laptop and two USB charging ports meant for mobiles and tablets. A red LED indicator can be turned on/off with a sliding switch to indicate that the power bank is ready to be connected to devices that need charging. It automatically goes off when the power bank is put to charge. The USB output capacity is 5V/2.4A and the Input capacity is 20V.When plugged to devices the USB and power ports light up in electric blue. Other inclusions in the package are a carrying pouch and a universal adapter plug. Golden rule here though, please ensure that you do not exceed the charging capacity of 65W or 85W on your devices for the best charging experience based on the model you choose to own.

  • NETGEAR AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter

    Long buffer time and tawdry signal strength make it hard to get consistent and strong wireless connectivity on your laptop. Lesser packet loss and a more reliable connection is paramount. Even router upgrade for many laptops built before 2015 don’t come with the ability to decipher the newest, fastest wireless standard: 802.11ac.

    The Netgear AC1200 wireless dual-band adapter is very promising, thanks to its high-gain discreet antenna which can be popped out for extended range. A classic amalgamation of reliable performance and decent pricing makes this adapter one of the best picks from the prevailing devices in the market. It universally supports the wireless protocols (b/g/n/ac), 2.0 and 3.0 generation of USB ports and bands 2.4GHz or 5GHz.The adapter provides seamless streaming enhanced by beamforming technology with WIFI performances of 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps.

    A definite must-have for boosted signal strength, range and reliable bandwidth usage, the NETGEAR AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter can never be ignored especially for Windows laptops.

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