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4 Best smartwatches out there!

In the era of technology, there are a variety of smartwatches that are useful in keeping track of your fitness, even making you understand your sleeping patterns and much more. Being stylish, these smartwatches have smart features at the same time. Smartwatches from brands like times and others combine function and fashion with sleek patterns and designs and fabulous color availability.

It’s a fact that when choosing a smartwatch one searches for quality, a smart look, color priority, smart fit, and features. A well-known question that is usually asked by many smartwatch lovers: Are these smartwatches worth the money? You can check out the selection of the top Smartwatch on sites like eBay, but free ones, such as TrueGether, if this seems like something you’ll use frequently.

4 best Smartwatches are as follows:- 

  • Apple Watch Series 7

The features of the Apple Watch Series 7 are as follows: it is a Large, always-on retina display and a Built-in GPS and LTE even though it is Crack-resistant. When we talk about price it is costly and even the battery is not so up to mark. As it is known that Apple is not the inventor of the smartwatch but it has numerous contributions to improving it.

Even recently Apple has launched the Apple watch series 8 with recommendable features like crash and track temperature.

  • Timex Metropolitan

The features of Timex metropolitan are as follows: they are Affordable and have durable glass screens and a Lightweight design.

But when it comes to waterproofing it is not suitable for swimming. It has an exceptionally lightweight, watch glass made up of highly resistant Gorilla Glass.

  • Galaxy Watch 3

The features of Galaxy Watch 3 are Excellent fitness tracking and its Unique bevel navigation but the watch is a bit chunkier than some watches. If a serious Athlete is in search of a smartwatch the Galaxy Watch 3 is the right option. It has various features including exercises like running, rowing, and cycling. It also has a feature for heart count. 

Don’t be mistaken it is not a medical device it is just to improve athletic performance or it manages stress throughout the day.

  • Gen 5E

The features of fossil Gen 5E it has Swappable straps and it is Water-resistant. When it comes to its width, the 42mm case will be big for some wrists. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Even it has a feature of music playing when you connect your phone to any music app and sync it with Gen 5E.

It has a multi-day battery mode that can give you 24+ hours of battery life. Since it is a water-resistant device you need not worry about swimming while wearing this smartwatch.


It depends on you how you use the smartwatch because different brands have different features. It is a better option to choose wisely and accordingly. But while purchasing always keep these three factors in mind:-

  1. Budget:- Budget models are little more than fitness trackers to tell them. Keep track of your budget while pricey watches are feature rich with various color options.
  2. Compatibility:- Some smartwatches only connect with Apple or Samsung. Smartwatches with built-in cellular don’t need to be paired with your phone.
  3. Comfort:- Choose the smartwatch that makes you feel confident and comfortable. 


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