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4 Things You Really Should Wash Rather Than Dusting Off

The fact that our new home appears to be getting dustier faster than ever is one thing I don’t appreciate about it. I hope the majority of it is the result of the improvements we were having completed, but I have a suspicion that part of it has to do with the fact that the home is bigger, older, and has carpets.

I wasn’t delighted to learn that I’d have to dust more frequently because it’s one of the most monotonous tasks there is and because dust has such a large influence on whether a place looks and feels filthy.

My usual techniques don’t work as well on these types of belongings because they are so detailed, and they never seem to get fully clean. I then realized that I could wash them off. The greatest technique to get rid of the dust was this way. I carefully carried my finds to the sink, cleaned them, spread a towel out on the counter, and then laid them out to dry in the open air. They were the cleanest I’d ever seen them when I placed them back on my dresser.

I was eager to consider other items I could wash rather than dust. Consider how much my time spent dusting may be reduced! You can get the best liquid cleaners at sites like Shopify. I came up with the following four items, all of which are better washed than dusted:

Plants. Occasionally taking a shower is good for plants. In addition to giving them a thorough soak, it also cleanses all of their leaves, which aids in the prevention of both dust and pests. When it starts to rain, you may either gather your plants and rinse them off outside or in the shower.

Artificial Vegetation. Most of these cannot be completely soaked. If the plant materials let it, submerge your artificial plant in water by turning it over in a sink or trash can that has been filled with water. Shake gently, and then if possible, lay out to dry in the sun. Add a few drops of dish soap to the water to remove particularly difficult dust, such as fake plants that are covered in oil and dust from being near the stove, for example.

Vases and Other Ornamentation. You may also wash decorative pieces like those that adorn your coffee table or bookshelves rather than dust them. Naturally, you wouldn’t do this every time you dusted, but doing it sometimes would be a fast method to dust really thoroughly.

Globes for Glass Light Fixtures. Although I like the way they appear, I dislike how frequently I have to dust them. Obscure fixtures can get away with needing less frequent dusting, but I can attest from personal experience that dusty clear glass fixtures are not appealing. Washing them is far more effective than just dry dusting, especially if they are in the kitchen and are impacted by the sticky dust that occurs there. Switch off all of the lights before carefully washing the globes in warm, soapy water. You’ll adore them even more and they’ll glitter.

What other things besides dust do you wash? Let us know in the comments section.

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