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5 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate a Spare Room

The chance to use a spare room is fantastic. You’re not only fortunate to have so much room, but you also have the chance to transform it into something wonderful. Though you might have a little too many options. With this extra space, you can accomplish anything and anything. Check out these fantastic suggestions for some motivation:

Office at Home

This can be excellent if you work from home or tend to carry your job home with you. Additionally, it is quite easy to fit out. For the bare minimum, just grab a desk and a comfortable office chair.

If you’re working late when the sun sets, consider installing shades to prevent glare on your computer screen. A potted plant may add some greenery and brighten the space.

Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom might be fantastic if you frequently host visitors. They won’t have to use a blow-up mattress on the floor or your uncomfortable sofa. If your extra room isn’t very big, you’ll need to start looking for single beds, fold-out beds with several uses, or couch beds. Armchairs and ottomans that unfold into single beds are now available for purchase. A queen-size bed and a pair of bedside drawers fit well in our extra room.

The room should be completed with a good set of drapes and a chest of drawers. If you have long-term visitors, they will be able to easily keep their clothes in that chest of drawers rather than having to live out of a suitcase. We have built-in wardrobes, so I added a set of drawers for visitors to store their items in the wardrobe.

Gaming Area

Making that extra room into a games room can be fantastic if you enjoy spending time at home. Remember that you can again have space restrictions. It just won’t be possible to squeeze a whole pool table in there. But you could always get a little one.

Any game area would benefit from having a darts set. It is also incredibly simple to store. A little pinball table might fit there, but you’ll need to make sure it can even fit through the entrance before assuming that it can.


You’ll never have enough room if you have a lot of books. However, if you have a spare room, you may build your own wall-to-wall library. Tall shelving units should line the walls. From there, you may arrange your books alphabetically or by author, or just put them all in there as you discover them.

Of course, you might need to reevaluate your book-buying habits after you run out of storage space. To make room for the new ones, don’t be afraid to throw out a few of the old ones.

Yoga Studio

For yoga, a room. You are aware that yoga might take up space if you do it. For this, you need a lot of elbow and leg room. It’s good news that decorating is simple. Just lay your yoga mat down and keep the space uncluttered. Simple as that. You can get yoga equipment at sites like Shopify, but free ones.

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