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6 Classic Video Games That Will Hook You

There are a variety of methods for objectively measuring the number of games sold. Is “most sales” always synonymous with “most popular”? We don’t believe so. There are a few elements to look at when determining what makes a game popular:

Recognition of a name: What do you get when you approach someone who doesn’t play video games and ask them to identify three video games? That’s what I’m talking about when I say “popularity.”

I have fond recollections of which ones do your friends who play video games mention when you ask them about their favorite game moments? That’s how popular you are.

We questioned a few genuine people, scoured the internet, and calculated how many millions of copies were sold, and the result is either the ultimate list of popular games or the most subjective collection of prejudiced garbage. Let’s have a look at this list, regardless of what the yay- and nay-sayers have to say!

  • Pacman

Pacman is an old arcade game that everyone played at the local roller rink at least once until it closed for good around 15 years ago.

It’s always appeared to be on the irritating and basic side of things when it comes to gaming. Yes, it’s a “classic,” but that doesn’t imply it’s any good, just like old movies! Nonetheless, the appeal of the film is apparent.

  • Tetris

You didn’t see THIS one coming, did you? Just kidding, it probably sprang to mind when you read the title of the article. When you ask senior people who don’t play video games for three game names, at least half of them will respond Tetris.

  • Wii Sports

Wii sports is an absolutely enjoyable experience. Maybe the roller rink wouldn’t have closed down if Pacman could be more like Wii sports, and Pacman would be higher on the list. No, only Wii sports can be comparable to Wii sports.

This game is quite popular, appealing to people of all ages, and has sold a large number of copies. The main issue is that it was packaged with every Wii purchase, with the exception of Japan. So it’s possible that Wii Sports’ popularity stems only from its friendliness. The Wii is well-liked. We’ll never know for sure.

  • Sonic the HedgeHog 

Some of the titles on this list make more sense as a whole series than as a single game. Sonic, for example, is likely to have grown in popularity thanks to the Sega Genesis and Game Gear. On the Dreamcast, not so much. People do, however, recognize him. Perhaps he simply has one of those faces.

  • The Sims 

This is the one game that will not die no matter how many times you get it to go into the pool and remove the ladder. We’re not going to lie: we spent a lot of time building our own houses, placing dirty dishes on the floor, growing roses, and lighting the kitchen on fire.

It has the potential to be an entertaining game. And it appeals to people who aren’t necessarily gamers.

  • Diablo III 

Surprisingly, this game sold a lot of copies. We had no clue how popular it had become. Blizzard, awesome characters, great treasure… It’s simple to see why this song was so popular.

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