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A Guide to Choosing the Racquet That Will Help You Win!

You can play like a pro if you have the right tennis racket. Racquets come in a broad range of styles. They come in a wide range of different sizes and forms. Having the one that checks all of your boxes will elevate your games to new heights.

Does your racquet’s string pattern make a difference?

A tennis racquet’s string pattern plays a crucial part in deflecting the ball in the intended direction, as well as after the force of the stroke. Racquets are usually strung in a grid with 16 by 18, 16 by 19, and 18 by 20 patterns. The string pattern you should use is determined by your requirements:

16 by 18: For players who have a tendency to make flat strokes. They’ll be able to give their hits more spin. The strengths of players who hit with topspin and cuts will be accentuated.

16 by 19: These are comparable to the ones that are 16 by 18. Which one you like and feel most at ease with is entirely up to you.

18 by 20: These can assist you to gain control of your directions if you hit flat strokes. If spin is your go-to hit, your shots will be better placed, and you will have more control over flat strokes.

What is the material that tennis racquets are made of?

Most racquets were constructed of laminated wood in the beginning, and the heads were smaller, measuring 65 square inches. In the late 1980s, elite players like Jimmy Connors began to use steel and aluminum racquets. Racquets are mostly made of graphite and carbon fiber for both professional and amateur players. The frame is made of these materials, which make it light but strong enough to provide control and stability.

Tennis racquet for kids! What exactly is it?

Tennis racquets for juniors are designed specifically for young players. To suit these players, these racquets are offered in lower sizes. These things are lightweight, allowing the young ones to have more control over their movements, resulting in more successful practice sessions. Their lengths range from 19 to 26 inches. The best aspect is that, although being referred to as junior racquets, they may be utilized by anyone who desires it.

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