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All You Need to Know Before a Buying Water Filtration System


Water Filtration System

Everyone is searching for new ways of improving their health. Whether you are working out, dieting or increasing your water consumption, you need to put a lot of effort to achieve your goal.

Are you confident that you are drinking healthy, treated, lead-free water? Do you trust the purity level of the water you are obtaining in your home?

Whether you are drinking water at your home or any other location, you need to begin to think how that water is filtered. If you reside in America, clean water and filtration are the last topics to think about when filling your cup with water from the sink.

You think that America is a developed country and no need to worry about whether your water is clean, right? However, toxic tap water is a real problem in various cities throughout the United States, including Brady, Texas, and Michigan.

This article is going to explain about the nature of your water, the process of water filtration and different kinds of filters available in the market, as well as the advantages of water filtration for your home and family.

What is a Water Filtering System?

If you are still in doubt about the correct definition of a water filtration system, then this article will give you the basics. In simple terms, a water filter aids in decontaminating water using a chemical process, a biological process or a physical barrier.

People use water filters for various reasons, and there are several benefits to your water. For instance, some use them to remove bacteria contaminants and chlorine from their water to enhance its smell and taste. They will also use it to remove lead from their water before they consume it, thus reducing the risk of the harmful substance getting into their bodies.

Another advantage is that these systems offer you clean water thus reducing your expenditure of buying water bottles from supermarkets.

Generally, drinking filtered, clean water can help to protect you from diseases and thus to improve your overall health. Filtered water should also be used for brushing teeth, cooking, bathing, drinking, and more.

Types of Water Filters

Various types of water filters are available on the market, each with its functions and mechanics, but all of them achieving the same objective. Here are some of the common types of water filters:

Activated Carbon

This is one of the ordinary household filters that employ carbon granules to trap impurities in water. The carbon granules are obtained from charcoal which is naturally more porous. They help to enhance the adsorption process when filtering water.

Reverse Osmosis

How many remember the osmosis process we learned at elementary classes? The process occurs when one thing absorbs another one. Reverse osmosis occurs when water is forced to pass through a membrane at a particular pressure, but the contaminants are left behind.

Ion Exchange

These are the filters that are usually used to soften water. They make use of zeolite beads containing sodium ions to filter and soften water.


These filters use the simplest methods of purifying water. It involves boiling your water and taking steps further to ensure its purity.


Whether you drink water at home, town or any other place, you need to make sure that it is filtered and clean as possible. Filters are nowadays becoming popular, and you can buy one from TrueGether.

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