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An Elegant Art Form: Chinese Pottery and Ceramics

Famous for its grace and delicacy, the tradition of ceramic ware and porcelain has been a major part of the evolution of Chinese culture. The world-famous Chinese art of pottery ware has been widely envied and adored internationally since its introduction to the Western world.

Types of Chinese pottery techniques and their classifications

Chinese pottery can be easily classified according to its specified eras of production. However, there are certain technological and artistic developments over the dynasties that make it important to be grouped as per their various types. There is an extensive range of ceramics produced for various purposes such as decoration, storing facilities, teaware, and there are products designed even for burials, and many more uncommon products.

Sancai pottery

 Sancai pottery comes first on the list. The term is derived from the Chinese term which means ‘three colors’ that indicate the characteristic properties of the pottery. However, it isn’t mandatory that Sancai pottery will consist of three colors, (it can be more), the subtlety in the effects of the three-color pattern has endured through the years. This form of art was popularly used for decorating ceramic statues of miniature clay horses and other such animals.

Jian tea wares

In contrast to the light green and creams of sancai pottery came the Jian tea wares. This art form uses iron-rich clays and requires high temperatures for creating a blackish molten glaze which is produced through the oxidizing process. This type of pattern is termed as ‘hare’s fur’, and later many other patterns were developed through this base, such as the oil-spot, tea-dust, and partridge feather glaze effects. This technique was highly admired and appreciated widely. Due to this significant fame, the Japanese potters eventually copied them!

Blue and white pottery: the best known and admired

With evolution over the ages, there came various other types of pottery, however, the blue and white pottery gained the maximum number of admirers. It is best known for its incredibly gorgeous vividness of the blue gaze whose beauty is enhanced due to the simplicity and purity of the fine white porcelain. There is evidence of its existence in the 8th century AD, however, it is believed that the actual evolution and development of this ceramic technique came into complete existence during the Tang Dynasty, and reached the peak of its fame during the rule of the Qing Dynasty.

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