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Art of Fabric Painting and Decorating

Art, this word has deep meaning itself. From ancient times the word art has had so many values all over the world. There is a variety of art we see in our day-to-day life. Something that attracts you, surprises you, takes your attention simply.

Art is in the form of drawing, carving, sculpting, clay pots making, musical instrument making, homemade decorative things, and much more. Fabric painting and decorating are also some of the most popular art since ancient times. The art of painting on fabric is very old. We bought some clothes with printed portraits today.

Fabric Painting and Decorating

As the heading suggests this is nothing but drawing on fabric and then painted by a variety of colors. If you wish to do this simple fabric painting then with some of the components you can do it. For this purpose you simply have things like fabrics, fabric colors, fabric stands, sometimes glue, and brushes. Etc. you can easily order these stationary objects by online store sites like Shopify, shopclues,eBay, etc.

Types of Fabric Painting and Decorating

There are a variety of techniques used for fabric painting-like.
1. Paintbrush
2. Using stamps.
3. Spray on painting
4. Stitching and sewing

  1. Paintbrush Techniques

Fabric painting is just like painting on paper. At first, the fabric is stretched with the help of a wooden frame so that it doesn’t move or get together. After that design is stressed on the fabric. Now by using a paintbrush and fabric paint this painting must be done. After the painting, this fabric is exposed to the sun to dry it out, so now the fabric painting is ready.

  1. Using Stamps

Another technique for fabric painting is by using stamps. Rubber stamps are used for this purpose. With a variety of design stamps, these are dipped into the fabric paint and then kept on stretched fabric. Then for detailing paintbrush is used. According to design, there are a variety of sizes in stamps. This is the simple way to create fabric painting art.

  1. Spray on Painting

When you use more than one color in painting then this would be best for you. Spray-on paint is best for stencil painting works. By using more colors these are more attractive. On t-shirts, sarees it is a famous painting.

  1. Stitching and Sewing

By this method, you can easily make designs on fabric by using thread or some colorful cloth pieces. These designs are commonly used on pillows, scarfs, stitch beads, etc. Hand stitching is said to be the best-handcrafted art but now machines have taken the place of humans. These also are said to be the best art of fascination.

Fabric Painting Concerns

With the use of paints, this fabric painting has to face some concerns. The natural blend of the colors holds the fabric tight and also makes it easy to paint or draw designs on it. Fabric painting may have some concerns of spreading out the colors at the backside of the fabric, designing, and a lot more but the art is art. If you love art then definitely love to do these crafts of fabric painting and decorating.


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