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Benefits of Postcard Mailings

There are a lot of techniques to market your business that takes less time and is even less expensive, but none of them can compare to the success of postcard mailing marketing. Here are ten reasons why postcards are still an effective marketing tool for small businesses.

  • High Readership

Postcards are read by almost everyone. As soon as your card hits their hands, your message is received. Subscription offers sent out on double-cards have outperformed far more expensive long-copy letter bundles.

  • Economy

Producing and mailing postcards is inexpensive. A single card requires no folding or insertion, therefore mailing it first class is sometimes less expensive than mailing it in bulk third-class. First-class postcards cost less in postage than first-class letters, even when mailed to a small number of sales prospects.

  • Versatility

Double postcards can create a lot of interest. Your customer’s name and address are already printed on the address section of a postcard. So, for little or no money, you may repeat the addressing information on the second card, which then serves as a handy preprinted purchase gadget that the prospect can just drop in the mail.

  • Printing is Simple

Even if you want to print four-color postcards, you can save money by printing them in gang runs on 19″ x 25″ material and then trimming them down to postcard size. As a result, their production costs for four distinct sets of 5,000 cards can be decreased.

  • Mailings Can be Easily Scheduled

Simply tell your printer when you want your prospect list to get which cards. Many savvy marketers send out postcard series every three to eight weeks. When clients are ready to transact business, they should pick up the phone and dial your number.

  • Cleaning of the Free List

Simply print “Address Service Correction” underneath the first-class indicia or stamp on every postcard’s addressing panel to generate timely address corrections at no additional cost. Undeliverable cards will be returned to you for free by the Postal Service.

  • Persistence

Your postcard advertising will stimulate your clients’ memories about you and your offerings once a month, or perhaps more frequently, depending on your mailing schedule.

  • Extremely Private

When you read a postcard, don’t you feel like you’re conversing with someone? As a business owner, a postcard helps you to get near to your prospect and connect in a comfortable, social setting.

  • The Readership is Large

Postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as direct mail letters, according to the Postal Service (94 percent vs. 14 percent). They don’t need to be opened, and you may use colors and visuals to grab your reader’s attention instantly. And, unlike your e-mails, they are not subject to spam filters.

  • Tracking is Simple

Postcard campaigns are straightforward and easy to track thanks to the inclusion of a distinctive code on the card or a note encouraging the recipient to return it for a refund. The number of leads and sales generated may easily be calculated to estimate the return on investment for each letter.

Of course, postcards do not guarantee marketing success. You must choose wisely when it comes to the list, paper stock and size, colors, graphics, layout, and copy. Postcards, on the other hand, can significantly boost your prospect and client base, as well as your earnings, with careful planning and strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best deals on postcards from TrueGether, the best Shopify alternative out there!

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