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Best Classic Romance Novels That You Must Read

In today’s time, we all have noticed that people rarely read any novel or book to keep themselves busy because there are numerous things to do such as playing video games and watching videos and there are social media platforms where people love to spend their time.

However, there are some people from a literature background who loves reading and books apart from them, there are some people who do not use these things and are total bookworms. They still prefer books or novels over all these things. You must be familiar with the fact that there are various genres and people love reading books related to their genre such as romance, sci-fi, adventure, and so on.

Well, if you are an old-school type and a great fan of reading novels then in this article, I am going to suggest some best romance novels of all time that you must have on your shelf and you can get them from eBay alternativesThere are so many books that are written by writers but some are my personal favorite because these are world-famous and penned by brilliant writers of their age.

1)Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

If you are fond of classic romantic novels that deal with typical old British culture, marriages, where balls and parties are being organized on a regular basis, and girls, find their suitors and future husbands in such parties then this is the best novel, to begin with. In this novel, there are five unmarried daughters of Mrs. Bennet and she is finding the best grooms for their daughters.  There is one main couple Elizabeth and Darcy who abhor each other in the beginning but as the novel progresses they fall in love with each other and in the ending Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in the best romantic way. 

2) Persuasion by Jane Austen 

This novel is also written by Jane Austen and she depicted the baronage culture of England. Jane in the novel presents a love story between Ann and Captain Wentworth who fall in love with each other in their teens but both of them belong to different classes and this class difference attends an obstacle in their love. However, as the story unfolds the couple meets each other after years, and towards the end, both of them reunite and marry.

3) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

This was revolutionary in its time because it presents an orphan girl who marries a man Mr. Rochester in the novel. This novel tells about various problems which are faced by an orphan girl in her life and even after her marriage she does not find happiness but as the novel completes its path Jane finds true happiness with Mr. Rochester.

4) Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D H Lawrence

This novel mainly deals with a lady who is from the ruling class and does not get love from her husband. later she falls in love with a servant of her household and finds true happiness and love. She tries to hide their relationship from the people and her husband their love was not acceptable to people but when the news of their affair breaks and everyone knows about it, she proudly acknowledges her love for the servant their problem gets increased but they reconcile after many hazards.

5) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This is not a novel but a play which is written by William Shakespeare in the 16th century when love between male and female before marriage was forbidden and taboo. People did not consider it right. Shakespeare in this play presents the tragic story and hardships of the couple because they were from two feuding families and these families were against each other. Their story is full of highs and lows but eventually, unlike other stories, their story ends with the death of the hero and heroine.

I hope these books will be good recommendations for you.

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