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Best Five Horror Novels That You Can Read

We all love reading books and magazines of various genres that gives us joy but there is one genre in the literature which is known as gothic or horror and I know that we all get scared whenever we read a horror novel or watch a horror movie but we have to accept that along with the fear it also brings thrill and entertainment. Even I have read that there are some people whose favorite genre is horror, they love watching horror movies. Sometimes, the best horror movies or novels help us to overcome our fears which are there in our minds and we find a way to confront our fear and fight it. All these things aside I believe we should enjoy this genre and explore it for the sake of entertainment only.  If you also enjoy this genre and want some good suggestions that you did not know then I am going to suggest some horror books that will definitely scare you. You can get these novels from sites like Shopify and enjoy them.

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

This novel is first on the list which is written by the famous writer Oscar Wilde. There is this always lurking danger in this book and it metaphorically disfigures us. This novel presents how a chase behind beauty can lead us to destruction. The central character Dorian himself is an idiot rather than a mastermind, he believes that the only thing which matters in this world is beauty only. When you start reading it you will chuckle and fear at the same time.

  • Dracula by Bram Stroker

If you are interested in the stories of vampires then you can read this novel. It is an epistolary novel and, in this novel, there is one vampire who lives in the old fort and feeds on the young ones. There is a horrifying depiction of the deeds of the vampire, the gruesome realities are so shocking. There is no protagonist but a businessman Jonathan who reveals the secret that the count is the blood-sucking vampire, the whole story is very much intriguing and it will bind you till the end.

  • Horns by Joe Hill

It is a novel of very complex revenge story but as the story unfolds itself we see that this is more knotty and ultimately hopeful. It is a gothic romance filled with supernatural events and full of thrill. It also satirizes society at some length on how we judge others without introspecting about ourselves and our own darkness.

  • Psycho by Robert Bloch

This is the novel of a psycho who has a troubling relationship with his mother. This novel revolves around the character Norman Bates and who has been raised alone by his mother Norma after the death of her husband. This is considered the most enduring work and very influential horror book. Bloch presented horrific violence and a killer kills many women. However, if you are not interested in reading the whole book then you can watch the movie which is made by Hitchcock and according to some reviews, the film is better than the text itself.

  • The Passage by Justin Cronin

This is another saga of vampire stories of love and loss. At first, we start to care deeply for societies but slowly we sense the evil which revolves around them. it is full of terror. The writer has used the unrealistic and inevitability to argue his point. It is a series of novels and has three volumes and the whole trilogy is fantastic to read. If you are more of a movie fan then you can watch the movie and feel the same horror and thrill.



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