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Best Ways to Style Formals Shirts To Look Classy


You can take your shirt to the next level by simply pulling it up over your head and letting it drape as you like. Or, if you want a traditional look, try out this shirt trick: Fold the shirt in half from the top seam on one side. Then fold that bottom corner over again and place it in the front of your waistband. Another style for taking formal shirts up a notch? Wrinkling the right side before putting them on.


  1. Casual look with formula shirt


A formal shirt is the perfect complement to any kind of pants or outwear. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair for your wedding day, or need a perfectly fitted suit for work, we have a wide variety of formal shirts to choose from.

A formal shirt with a spread collar and solid lavender color is a good choice. It looks great with slim-fit, trendy jeans in a light wash and tan loafers.

2. Bringin-in sporty look with formals


If sporty and formal trends don’t feel like they belong together, they can make a great pair. For a sharp look, take a volume-enhancing shirt in bold colors and pair it with a tank or loose tee. Leaving your half-sleeve unbuttoned will give it that classic formal look. For a breathtakingly beautiful look, show off your sartorial side by combining sporty and formal trends. Half-sleeves works great for ladies with smaller arms but leave the shoulder open to show off strapless lingerie underneath.

3. Formals for party


Nothing says party like formal shirts. They can be dressed up or down, so you don’t need to spend much money to get them ready for the party. In addition, they are very versatile and can be paired with accessories, outerwear, and bottoms in an interesting, eye-catching style.

4. Wearing it over a sweater


If you want to wear formal shirts in a relaxed setting, throw on a sweater on top of it. Make sure your collars pop out of the pullover and are folded neatly. This is a smart way to wear formal shirts in casual settings like the office, or anywhere you want to look put-together. Just dress your shirt in a sweater and fold your collars out of sight.

5. Pair it up with a cardigan


Even though formal shirts are worn in the office or on special occasions, they aren’t the most popular button-down style. Formal shirts are usually layered with thicker fabric. This is why sports jackets, blazers, and overcoats are made of denser, more durable material.

6. A quirky sneaker


If you’re looking for a way to level up your casual look, a great way to complement it is by adding a pair of quirky sneakers. You’ll feel like a million dollars and look equally good! In style and comfort, these sneakers give you the best of both worlds. They look great with all types of outfits but are especially ideal for dressing up your casual ensemble without looking too put together. Shoens Sneakers Mens is a great choice overall, that compliments every occasion. You can get this at eBay alternatives.



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