Corner and Edge Cushions

We all want our items to arrive in great shape when they are transported. Packages that are palletized or stacked are particularly prone to bruising or crushing due to their square edges and corners. However, assistance is on the way: edge and corner protectors are among the many packing materials available to merchants and shippers.

There are several solutions to this problem, ranging from foam corner guards to strong cardboard edge protectors, in both conventional and non-standard sizes. Here, we’ll look at what’s available and how to make the most of it.

Edge and corner protectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Edge and corner protectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the demands of the various products that are stacked and wrapped, palletized, and shrink-wrapped. Let’s start with the corners, which are especially vulnerable to knocks and bashes when boxes are stacked, moved around, and loaded against one another for travel.

Corner protectors are available in two materials: cardboard and foam. Corner foam can be as basic as a ‘U’ shape corner protector or as complex as full corner protectors that protect in three dimensions, each intended for a specific purpose.

For extra protection during travel or storage, U-shaped foam corner protectors grasp tables, shelves, wooden boards, or furniture. They’re tough and absorb tiny shocks, and they can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius.

3D foam corners, on the other hand, are intended to protect and support the corners of boxes and palletized items. They’re easy to apply to the corners and aren’t harsh.

Both types of foam corner protectors are constructed of HFC and CFC-free closed-cell polyethylene foam. They are also completely recyclable.

What is the purpose of edge protectors?

Edge protectors, on the other hand, serve a completely distinct purpose. They are intended to protect the edges of boxes and palletised boxes from bumps and bashes, but they may also be used to protect the boxes from the fasteners that hold the boxes together and from the pallets themselves.

They are also utilized to provide palletized boxes more structure and resilience, especially when shrink and film wrapping them. These cardboard or foam edge protectors, when used in conjunction with the fasteners and wrap, provide structure and stability to loads, ensuring that they are not only protected from knocks and bangs, but also do not collapse under their own weight or pierce the cardboard while being moved.

Edge protectors are also available to aid in the support of strapping and fasteners. These are available in both cardboard and moulded plastic, with the plastic option being able to shield the box from the force of the strap while also securely keeping the strap in place, avoiding potentially harmful package movement.

White card protectors, such as moisture-resistant edge protectors, have specialized applications as well. These moisture-resistant, poly-coated white paper protectors are excellent for usage when pallets are to be stored in cold and/or wet places for a period of time, such as in a cold store, while providing protection to stackable pallet loads and held with fixings.

During shipping and storage, these moisture-resistant edge protectors stabilize, protect, and strengthen unstable or fluctuating pallet loads. They can also be used to strengthen boxes by maintaining their strength in humid circumstances.

What is the purpose of corner protectors?

Corner protectors are very particularly designed to protect the corners of things such as tables, worktops, shelves, and other ‘flat’ goods that have pronounced and frequently sharp edges, similar to how edge guards protect from knocks, fasteners, and add structure.

Table corner protectors can be made of plastic or foam, and they easily fit over the corners to avoid bumps. The table’s surface is gripped by foam corners, which protect the table and people handling it from sharp edges.

Expanding corner protectors, which can stretch from 20 to 40mm and therefore accommodate non-standard sized items, are one option for table, countertop, and other furniture corner protection.

Worktop corner guards are also essential for preventing damage to these expensive and frequently custom pieces of wood, stone, or metal during normal usage.

As we have seen, there’s also a demand for safety corner protectors, which safeguard both the items and the people handling them.

While heavy-duty pallet racking protectors protect vulnerable pallet racking uprights and end-frames from forklift trucks, protect corners of buildings and doorways, and can be wrapped around machines, more basic foam and plastic protectors popped on the ends of shelves and other goods prevent personnel from injuring themselves while handling the goods.

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