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Cybersecurity and its Categories

Cybersecurity is a method to protect your electronic devices from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity defends your computer from digital hacking and data stealing. It shields your computer, mobile, network, programs, and data from unauthorized attacks. It protects your devices from digital attacks. It prevents the loss of any sensitive information. Cybersecurity is also referred to as Information Technology (IT) security or electronic information security.

Today is an era of the digital world and IT. People are using electronic devices for almost all of their activities. Activities performed online are bank transactions, online stores, ticket bookings. Companies are storing all their data on electronic devices. Data information like product information, customer evaluation data, employee details, bank transactions. All this information is very sensitive and confidential. If someone gets this information, then they can harm the respective person.

Categories of Cybersecurity

You can divide Cybersecurity into the following types. You need to focus on these categories in Cybersecurity

  • Network Security-

In this security, you need to ensure the protection of your network. The network between computers and other devices. These networks include both wired as well as wireless. It means protecting the network through which you are exchanging data between devices.

  • Information Security-

Information security means securing your information and data available on your devices. You should secure all confidential and sensitive information. Protect the privacy of both stored and transit data.

  • Operational Security-

It means protecting data while working on it. You should keep a check while permitting any type of network. Make sure it doesn’t contain any type of malware or virus.

  • Application Security- 

In this security, you should ensure the safety of the applications and software you are using. You should ensure to download applications from an authorized source only. Also, check that it does not contain any type of malware.

  • Cloud Security-

You should shield your storage devices from viruses. The companies are storing their data in the cloud.

  • End-Eser Education- 

It means you should educate your employees about Cybersecurity. You should give them proper Cybersecurity training. We will discuss this point in detail further.

  • Disaster Recovery- 

It means you should prepare for any unplanned attack or virus. You should pre-install all the tools to protect your information. The company should make a proper plan for this.

Bottom Line

This is all about Cybersecurity.  You can avail all sorts of web and computer services from alternatives to eBay. You need to train your employees for Cybersecurity. You should give them proper training and knowledge about it. With this training, employees will learn to avoid using unauthorized websites. They will also learn new tricks to keep data and computers safe. That’s why you should organize proper Cybersecurity training campaigns for them. We believe if you start this training, it will be worth it. I hope you found this article beneficial and enjoyed reading it as well.



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