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DIY Wall Decor Ideas

The wall décor has always been my least favorite component of interior design. I’m never sure how to fill a blank space without overloading it, or how to choose the right size decor.


Adding visual appeal to a room with floating shelves or art ledges is a great method to do it. You may also change out the decor on them at any time. Simple décor (think predominantly white/beige or black and white patterns) can be used to spice them up.

You could also use them to display your favorite shelf items and artwork! In children’s rooms or playrooms, art ledges are also great for displaying children’s books!


A well-placed mirror may completely change the look of a room! Whether you choose a leaning floor mirror or a wall mirror, they may help lighten a dark room while also filling some of that empty space! Mirrors are a terrific alternative when you need to fill a space but don’t want it to overshadow the overall design.


These three things were grouped together because they all contribute to your space’s texture. Woven wall art includes macrame, fiber art (those gorgeous yarn wall hangings), and even woven seagrass art.

Tapestries were trendy a few years ago, but just the crazy tie-dye ones you had when you were in your “hippie” phase. Nowadays, wall tapestries come in a wide range of styles to suit any decor! Basket walls were extremely popular, with almost everyone dedicating a wall to their lovely basket collections! They’re still a favorite of mine, especially when paired with a more minimalist style!


Plants, whether in hanging planters, plants on wall hooks, plants on floating shelves, or wall planters, add a beautiful touch to any room. Bonus points if you use real plants and can keep them alive (which I can’t).


One of my favorite aspects of gallery walls is their variety. You can make them plain and organized, colorful and random, or anywhere in between! You can certainly let your imagination run wild when it comes to building a gallery wall.


I’ve recently become obsessed with wall hooks when it comes to choosing what to hang on the wall. There are many different types of hooks to pick from. Hooks come in handy as well! You can use them to display or hang your beautiful handbags, scarves, and caps. You can use them to hang banners or hanging plants. You can also hang hilarious costumes in a kid’s room or playroom with them!

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