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Enter the Realm of Your Imagination with a Novel!

It’s a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. Winter is approaching, and the days are growing shorter. You’ve completed all of your weekly duties, and now it’s time to relax. You take a seat on the porch, the balcony, or right next to the window in your favorite chair. Your cup of cocoa sizzles on the table next to you, and you settle in. However, you are in need of some sort of amusement. You’ve been staring at screens for the past week and are now irritated by the sight of electronic gadgets, therefore you’re in need of something new. This necessitates the use of an old friend of yours, the good old book.

A good work of fiction or literature is a timeless work of human creativity and invention that can immerse you, the reader, in its universe and inspire you to think of new ideas. A book can be kept by your bedside for years, if not a lifetime, as a memento from the past. Continue reading to see our pick of fiction works you can’t afford to miss.

  • Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’

The protagonist Robert Langdon is introduced in the bestselling mystery-thriller novel from 2000, and he appears in the author’s future novels. The Catholic Church, secret groups like The Illuminati, and their machinations are all fictitious locations in Angels and Demons. The tale is fast-paced and takes place over the course of a single day. This increases the level of excitement for a more exhilarating overall experience.

  • D. Robb’s ‘Promises in Death’

The 27th and, in my view, one of the greatest novels in the New York Times Bestselling author’s “In Death” series. The story follows Lt. Eve Dallas, a murder investigator of the New York Police Department, as she investigates the death of her friend and colleague Det. Amaryllis Coltraine. The narrative is fascinating and thrilling to read since it contains a good balance of drama, suspense, action, and comedy.

  • Kate Lee’s ‘Sunken Treasure’

This romantic suspense thriller is written by a two-time RITA nominee who is known for her suspenseful tales that keep you on the edge of your seat. When Rachelle tries to stop a poacher from emptying her lobster traps, she is caught in the crossfire and becomes embroiled in a deadly battle on the high seas. The narrative revolves around treasure seekers gone berserk and modern-day pirates.

While a soft copy of a book can suffice, nothing beats the sensation of paper in your hands. However, you may argue that purchasing a new book merely to read it once is a waste of money. TrueGether, a Shopify alternative, may be able to help you. While a fresh book has its own distinct feel, a worn book has its own allure. A used book represents the transmission of information via a lengthy chain of individuals, with you as the most recent link. So, look for your next book on TrueGether, the platform that lets you get to know the person who came before you during the lifetime of the book you’re buying by looking at the seller’s profile and social connections.

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