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Film Photography in the Cinema World

Film photography is the art of taking pictures on thin, transparent plastic strips that we call a film. One side of the film strip is coated with a gelatin emulsion containing tiny silver halide crystals that determine the contrast and resolution of a photo. Film photography and digital photography have their own strengths and weaknesses. Digital cameras capture digital images that are then stored on the memory card, while digital photography creates instantly viewable images.

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Some advantages of Film Photography are stated as follows-

  1. Better Practicality-
    Analog photography offers more intense and practical ways to learn the principles of photography. There are several different types of analog cameras, each with its own camera setup to play with.
  2. Long, but Rewarding Process-
    Analog photography is worth it. Successfully loading, shooting, and developing a roll of the film takes time and equipment, but it is a process that many photographers find extremely satisfying, especially when it comes to darkroom work. By looking at a photo developed by yourself, you will remember and appreciate the long process you went through.
  3. Artistic Effects-
    Analog photography can create artistic effects such as overexposure, vignetting, and loss of light. You can create them with image editing software, but the unwanted effects are more authentic than the desired ones.
  4. Tactful Learnings-
    Analog photography forces you to be more critical and keeps you focused on the discipline of creativity. Unlike digital cameras, analog cameras lack elegant grid lines and any “auto” setting that can automatically capture a well-exposed photo. They force you to make decisions and learn to use all the buttons and controls on your camera.
  5. Thoughtfulness-
    Analog photography encourages photographers to be more thoughtful. Since 35mm film rolls can only hold a limited number of frames, every shot counts.


Why one must use Digital Photography?

Many photographers prefer photography on film and stick to analog cameras despite the convenience of digital photography. Film photography is a particularly good format for:

  • Outdoor Shots-
    Without digital processing, analog cameras can generate more vibrant colors and finer grains in natural light.
  • Hobby-
    Shoot for fun or as a hobby. Cinematographic photography is all about experimentation. There are a lot of different techniques to try, like changing the aperture setting on your analog camera or messing with the color temperature in the darkroom.
  • Old School-
    Shooting movies in black and white. With black and white photos, in particular, you have a darkroom indulgence that you don’t have with color films. This often results in enhancing the details of a photo.

The film must be developed in complete and complete darkness. However, while you learn the basics, it can be helpful to practice with the lights on using cheap films that will gladly screw you up. Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to motion picture photography.
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