How to Choose a Perfect Projector Presentations for Business Meetings?

How to Choose Perfect Projector for MeetingsWith businesses becoming more visually oriented, seminars, sales projection presentations, client presentations etc. are an inherent part of most enterprises. Gamers, restaurateurs, event planners, malls, sports fanatics, movie buffs, campers, and marketing companies consider projectors as the most useful assets for a high-quality visual experience to present to large groups.

There are six factors that predominantly influence how a projector presentation solution works which is called the projector technology and which projector one must choose for their individual requirements:

Sources of Light

The source of lighting for a projector is influenced by three options namely, lamp, laser, and Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

With the lamp technology, the bulb of the projector can last for up to 4000 hours depending on the frequency of usage and more than that on ECO mode. The light output from the projector is bright, while the cost is cheaper than the other two variants.

The Laser technology is an energy-saving option that does not require the bulb to be replaced, which is a great advantage during long meetings. Brightness in on-point and the color range is wider, the contrast imaging capabilities are also better than other technologies.

In terms of duration, LED projectors cover above 20,000 hours with better color control, quieter operation, without the need for a coolant. The only downside is that this technology-inspired projector comes with a heavy price tag.


Measured in lumens, brightness affects the quality of the images and videos with increasing distance. The white light output and the color light output affect the detail and the vibrancy of white light and color lights respectively on the projecting surface. For business presentations, a high lumen rating is always preferred to avoid dull or dark renditions. The idea is to display greatly illuminated images and videos in a dark or well-lit room.

Contrast Ratio

The ratio of difference between the darkest and the brightest areas of an image. A high-contrast ratio-based projector will give the images more depth and dimension while emphasizing on shadowy details and black levels. Home theatre systems need a higher contrast ratio, while business projectors do not demand much of it because of the difference in the environmental lighting requirements.


The native resolution of a projector determines the number of pixels the projector is capable of displaying. More detailing requires more pixels display on a surface, just like a digital camera. Resolutions are available from 480p to 1080p for low resolution to High Definition resolutions. 4k resolution is fit for Ultra HD imaging.

Throw Ratio

The throw ratio determines the width of the image based on the distance at which the projection is done. A short throw projector is best suited for smaller rooms while a long throw projector works for longer or wider rooms. The maximum and minimum screen sizes and projection distances will have to be calculated for different projectors in order to select the best one for a given space.

Lens Zoom and Lens Shift

Lens zoom is the feature of the projector that provides convenience. When the screen size and the projector placement is out of the operator’s control, the lens zoom helps adjust the projection of the image dynamically. More sophisticated projectors for business meetings must have this feature. The Lens shift helps to adjust the angle of the lens to remove any projection distortions.

Types of Projectors

Based on the above factors, the types of projectors available in the market can be divided into three categories:

Digital Light Processing Projectors

This type of projector has great color accuracy and sharp image quality. Mostly light-weight and compact, it used for home screening from a DVD, Blu-Ray player, and HDTV sources. It can take faster animated projections and display them accurately and effectively. Deeper blacks are emphasized on screen with more color contrast. A 3-chip DLP provides higher image sharpness and display quality.

Liquid Crystal Display Projectors

LCD projectors are great for well-lit rooms. The color contrast and brightness attributes are impressive with sharper image detailing for business presentations. Quality 3D imaging sans ghosting is a boon for corporate training and meetings. The energy efficiency and lesser projection noise are great for official presentations while the 3-chip LCD version is supreme quality-wise.

Liquid Crystal on Silicone

A hybrid of the first two types, LCoS technology is used for very high-end models. Brighter display, smooth image rendition, and great color saturation and impact are the attributes of LCoS.

Taking the above points into consideration, the top 3 projectors that have established themselves in the market are given below.

EPSON projector EB-1965 5,000lm XGA 3.7 kg

EPSON projector EB-1965 5,000lm XGA 3.7 kgWith Epson’s EB-1965 projector dimming the lights for a presentation is passe. The high-quality images, because of white light and color light OP of 5000 lumens, XGA resolution, world’s first real-time auto-keystone adjustment, and multi-PC projection of up to 50 devices connecting option over a network and 4 display simultaneous-projection facility. This projector is iProjection app compatible that can project from Android phones and iPhones and devices. The flexibility of the projection set-up and projection versatility helps display perfectly rectangular images with crisp imaging.

Salient Features

  • Projection Technology:  RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD)
  • White Light Output (Normal/Eco): 5,000lm / 3,470lm
  • Colour Light Output: 5,000lm
  • Analog Input: D-Sub 15 pin; 1 (Black), Component; D-sub 15pin (Blue molding) x 2 (in common with Analog RGB connector), Composite; RCA (Yellow) x 1
    S-Video; Mini DIN
  • Digital Input: HDMI- 1Display Port- Yes
  • Screen Fit Button: for projection output adjustment
  • Faroudja DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) to remove jagged lines and improved image sharpness
  • TrueLife enhancement for high degree transition enhancement and sharpness enhancement
  • Focus Help aids in better focus adjustment on the screen through a bar gauge.
  • Other networking security, software control, monitoring, multi-tasking, and presentation enhancing features like EasyMP Monitor, Message Broadcasting, Split Screen, and Multi-PC Projection make this a total business projector

This super projector comes with the following accessories in the original packaging:

  • Power Cord: 1.8m
  • Computer Cable: 1.8 m D-sub 15 pin (Male) – D-sub 15 pin (Male)
  • Remote Control: Compact type
  • Battery: Manganese dry cell x 2
  • Bundled Software: Projector Software Ver.1.20d (CD-ROM)
  • Password Protect Sticker
  • User Manual

Vivitek D855ST XGA Short Throw DLP Projector

Vivitek D855ST DLP ProjectorVivitek D855ST DLP Projector combines performance with cost-efficiency. It is an HDTV compatible projector with quick-start and shutdown features.

Offering over 6000 hours of lamp-life, the projector supports multiple connections with DLP and BrilliantColor™ technology backing that uses six- color enhancements. Weighing only 2.72 kg, this DLP projector supports the following features:

  • Native XGA resolution and UXGA (1600 x 1200) display ability
  • 3000 lumens bright, 3000:1 contrast
  • 3D-Ready via DLP® Link™
  • ECO mode
  • VGA–output for display on a secondary monitor
  • Keypad lock for system function locking
  • Enhanced color and display adjustments
  • RJ45 makes it perfect for network integration and system administration
  • Wideband Digital Video Interface for unicable HD video projection and control signal transmissions.

This projector comes with an IR Remote Control and a 220 W replacement lamp. The power supply requirements are AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz The Consumption for standard mode is 230 W, Boost Mode is 280 W, and lesser than 1W for Standby Mode.

The standard accessories included in the package are:

  • VGA Cable
  • User Manual (CD)
  • Lens Cap
  • Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card (region wise)
  • Remote Controller (with battery)
  • AC Power Cord

Barco CSE-200 – Small Medium Size Meeting Room Wireless Presentation System

Barco CSE-200 Wireless Presentation SystemBarco CSE-200 wireless projector can be operated through a smartphone, a tablet, or laptop. This device helps to transfer HDMI signals on wireless to the central screen using an HD transmitter. The screen supports simultaneous dual-operation with enhanced three-level security features. Connectivity options are open to AirPlay and Google Cast support (Android 8.1 Oreo). The device has an inbuilt API that can be integrated with a business network. Click and Share mechanism is supported by this device with the press of a button. Weighing around 600 grams/132 lbs, the projector runs on a power of 6W in normal mode and 18W during power mode, Standby on 2.6W (ECO standby) and deep standby at 0.4W. The supported wireless transmission protocol is IEEE 802.11 a/g/n. The Kensington lock prevents theft, while the frequency band support is for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (DFS channels not supported). The operating systems supported include, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64 bit, macOS 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13 (High Sierra), Android v5 & v6 & v7 & v8 & 8.1 (ClickShare app), iOS 8, 9 & 10 & 11 (ClickShare app).

The packaging includes the following in addition to the projector equipment:

  • 1x Ethernet LAN
  • 2x (back) + 1x (front) USB
  • Two ClickShare buttons
  • Audio analog line out on mini jack socket (3.5mm), digital S/PDIF.
  • Standard 110/220 V AC plug or Power over Ethernet (PoE Plus)

The most important influencers for choosing a projector are the presentation room size, hours of operation, portability, accessibility mechanisms, high-resolution capabilities, networking and security features, and of course cost. Both hardware specifications and smart functionality inspire the best business projections.

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