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How Many Footwears are too Many? Who Cares Till it Gives You Pleasure!

For a woman who loves to get dressing from top to bottom creating a style statement, having the appropriate footwear is a must. Those gorgeous feet need to get dressed as well. Thankfully, nowadays we have a wide variety of choices in footwear. There are flip-flops that accompany you to a nice relaxing walk, different types of heels with unique styles and designs that enhance your outfits’ beauty, and also the coveted leather boots add grace to a normal dress along with protecting you from the knee-deep snow and the puddles.

The best part is that all these are available with amazing combinations of colors such as baby pink, purple, black, white along with different designs like open-toed, slingback, classic buckle pump, and high heel toes, as high as 4 inches and as low as half inches to suit any and every occasion. Anne Klein, Guess Marciano, Cole Haan, and Sacha London are just a few brands out of the whole range available at this section of women’s footwear at TrueGether at discounted prices as compared to other shopping sites.

The History: How it all Began?

In 1550 BC, shoes were of a wrap-around style, made of leather. It seems today’s moccasins have been inspired by them. The comfortable sandals that women prefer wearing during summers, were worn by Roman women in the early times. Roman women also wore boots called “calceus” when they went outdoors. Calceus was designed in a way that it covered the toes as well as the ankles. They also had leather straps attached to them. However, there weren’t any specifications of distinction between men’s and women’s footwear, but Romans believed that footwears were a symbol of power and social status.

During the 5th and the 15th centuries, instead of inventing new styles and designs, the major focus was comfort and convenient use. During the renaissance period, footwear began to look similar to what we wear these days. They were functional as well as fashionable. Around the 15th century, rounded toes came into existence and the high heels, earlier termed as “chopines” emerged in the 16th and 17th centuries for practical purposes. During this period, soft slippers made out of fabrics like silk were casually worn by women for comfort.

Grab the Best Deals and Flaunt your Beauties!

After all this history of the evolution of heels, you might have got an idea of how women have always been the priority for fashion designers. At TrueGether, we prioritize your satisfaction and happiness. That’s why we’ve put together all the types of footwear that you like on a common platform because we are rightly the best eBay alternative currently! There’s no need to step out of your comfortable homes. Our no-fee platform offers you the minimum possible price at which sellers all around the world are willing to sell their pre-loved products.

If you also generate a swarm of butterflies in your stomach by just looking at a stunning pair of heels, here’s something that you will thoroughly enjoy. Get your munchies and your phones, visit our website and get an amazing experience!

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