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How To Keep Clothes Safe During Stiflingly Humid Monsoon Season?

When was the last time you hoovered out your closet or looked inside your shoe rack? If you haven’t done so already, now is the moment. After all, it is monsoon season. Check if your favorite denim smells moist and musty by opening the closet. Because most of us work from home and don’t have to dress up very often, our clothes and shoes are likely to have become a breeding ground for pesky little mold spores. But don’t be concerned! Here are some clever storage techniques to keep your apparel clean and fresh during the rainy season.

During monsoon, there are a few tricks for storing garments, which must be followed for a clean and hygienic closet!

  1. Use Old Newspaper as a Liner. 
  • A closed space’s humidity is controlled by paper. Keep a bag of salt in your closet. It is a moisture absorber.
  •  You might also use some chalk sticks to keep your clothes dry. Take a muslin bag with you.
  • Fill a container with camphor and store it in your closet. Camphor not only absorbs moisture but also smells nice in your cabinet.
  • Put some dried neem leaves in one of your closet’s corners. This time-honored method keeps all types of microorganisms at bay while keeping your garments crisp and fresh.
  • In between your garments, place a couple of naphthalene balls. Insects and termites are repelled by naphthalene. It also stops bacteria from growing.

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  1. Avoid Mould Growth
  • Mould is a fungus that grows as the humidity in the air rises and there is little ventilation. Make sure your wardrobe isn’t too close to the wall to keep moisture out.
  • Allow some breathing room in between. If you’re storing garments that you won’t be wearing anytime soon, vacuum seals them to keep moisture out.
  • It’s good to declutter your closet now and then. Mould can grow on clothes that have been packed in your closet for a long time.
  • Make sure your clothing is completely dry at all times. Before storing, hang them in the sun if feasible.
  1. Keep Your Shoes and Bags Safe
  • The monsoon season is when you should be most concerned about your footwear and bags. Your shoes and luggage should remain moisture-free, whether they are made of leather, cotton, or suede.
  • Clean them with wax polish or a duster brush before wrapping them in tiny fabric bags. You can order them from the comfort of your own home.
  • Before wrapping your shoes and bags, place silica gel packets inside. It absorbs moisture as well as foul odors.
  • Plastic bags can hold moisture, causing the leather to deteriorate. As a result, muslin should be used to wrap your bags.
  • Camphor, naphthalene, and salt should all be kept in the shoe cabinet.
  • Dry your shoes and bags with a hairdryer now and again.

Following these steps can be very easy and effective at the same time. Wish you and your beloved clothes safer this monsoon!

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