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In Conversation With The Machines — The Era of Smart Speakers

Are you a Tech Geek? Or maybe someone interested in keeping himself up-to-date?

Well, if that’s the case, then congratulations, you are wandering just in the right place!

“By 2020, most home computers will have the computing power of a human brain. That doesn’t mean that they are brains, but it means that in terms of raw processing, they can process bits as fast as a brain scan. So the question is, how far behind that is the development of a machine that’s as smart as we are?”

–Very rightly said by Mr. Seth Shostak, a Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute

From the age of pigeons to post letters to telephones to smartphones and now to the smart speakers, the world has come a long way. Even today, it takes about 1.5–2 years for a kid to start speaking but the wonders of science and technology have introduced us to what seemed impossible a couple of decades back.

Machines talking like humans is just insane because it takes a lot of processing in a human mind to revert to any statement and the machines are doing it at an equal pace with just an artificially made brain!

What are Smart Speakers?

Smart Speakers are speakers with a voice command and an inbuilt virtual assistant that offers interactive actions making use of some specific keywords. Today, Alexa, launched by Amazon in 2014 is the most renowned virtual assistant in the world that comes along with Amazon Echo (a smart speaker).

Where to find smart speakers?

Smart Speakers are usually available online as well as offline but it would be preferable to choose a buy and sell marketplace for the best deals and prices.

Making the best use of the opportunity

In this era of digital media, the demand for new and innovative gadgets has increased exponentially. It has become a global need. A true business mind would sense this opportunity to meet the demands of the people while making crazy profits for itself. Therefore, starting a venture and selling these gadgets on sites like eBay can be a wise idea.

Another benefit of becoming a seller is that nowadays, there are websites available where you can sell online for free.

Smart Speakers have completely revolutionized the world and have given us a teaser of what to expect from the future.

Perks of Buying Speakers from an Online Marketplace

The best part about online shopping is that your comfort and time are never compromised. Imagine if you could shop all that you want from a single place! Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, yes, that can be true as well. All you need to do is check THIS out.

So, I genuinely believe that smart speakers have left an everlasting impact on humans and will continue to do so as new modifications will continuously be made to impress a larger mass with creativity.

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Happy talking with Alexa!

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