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Needlecraft: Tiny Things that do Miracles!

Sewing is known to mend things and put them together to be useful, but needlework is much more than sewing. Needlework has secured a position in the segment of craftworks. The specialty of this art form is that it includes various basic types of sewing and their combination is what creates beautiful designs. This particular type of craft community has created its own world with new trends, admirers, and innovation. The use of colors makes this art form worth owning. To excel in this art form, one must have fine motor skills, and ample knowledge of the art form, and the textile’s properties and characteristics must be known as well.


The Victorian age made needlework an important fact of women’s identity. The women who broke their limits and went ahead with their household work by pursuing needlework while entertaining in the parlor gained recognition and were praised in society. Women practiced embroidery, netting, knitting, crochet, and Berlin wool work. Their designs and patterns were somewhat inspired by their daily life practices, their surroundings, and their sentiments. Lots of hard work and creativity are required for an elegant beauty out of one’s thoughts and imagination. The types of goods that were decorated with needles included knitted boots, embroidered book covers, footstools, lampshades, sofa cushions, fans, and the list goes on and on.

This individual art form possesses various techniques, choose whichever you feel good about!

Needlecrafts involve putting together yarns of various colors in such a manner that every single thread is showered with great attention and admiration. Because of its tiny and sleek appearance, people tend to believe that needles are frivolous but who knew that they could create wonderful designs that even the largest sword can’t. There are several techniques, such as cross stitching, in which the designs are formed by sewing x or + shaped yarns on a stretched piece of fabric. Embroidery is used to decorate fabrics using needles and thread, this practice might include embellishments such as pears, shiny sequins, gems, shells, and other decorating items. Further, in embroidery, there is a technique in which yarn is diagonally stitched through a canvas that has yarns woven in it. There are barbed needles that are used to interlock wool fibers to firmly fix them together so that they don’t get untied or loose, this is termed needle felting. And now comes the technique that our grandmothers love the most, weaving. This process involves interlacing yarns at right angles to make textiles, such as sweaters, pants, T-shirts, soft toys, and many other things with beautiful designs.

Always here to help you all!

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