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Packing Life-Hacks For Travelling With Light Luggage

Packing light can have immense benefits and it can potentially make your travel experience much more comfortable and trouble-free. Though the idea of traveling with light luggage could lead you to think to travel just with the minimum possible things to survive with, that is not what packing light is about. It is not as impossible as it appears and can turn out your traveling into a hassle-free and peaceful experience. Packing light involves the judicious use of how much ever space is accessible in your travel bag. It also demands to care to be taken with the choices you make of what and how you carry your belongings with you.

Conventional travel essentials and possessions can be packed in more than one way so that space can be saved for other items. Here are a few suggestive ways to pack certain items that can aid you in saving some extra space and hence have light baggage to travel with. Also, remember that your possessions are individually distinctive and therefore you can be open to exploring new possibilities that build light luggage to travel with; just anything that works for you.

Choose the Right Bag

Get the bag that suits you the best, preferably a smaller one with multi compartments. Backpacks and sling duffels prove to be more versatile and hence travel-friendly. You can shop for such bags from sites that are alternatives to eBay to get one for yourself.


Go for a bunch of clothes that you would be okay with wearing and choose wisely. You can also try rolling your clothes instead of folding them if you can. This will save some space.


Most of the time, hotels that you would be staying in offer the toiletries you will need, so you need not bother much about it. If you must carry any, get them in travel-friendly sizes. Although it is always advisable to carry your own towels for hygiene reasons.


If you would be needing more than the pair of shoes you would be wearing, carry them with you. If flip flops or sandals serve you better than shoes or sneakers, go for them instead. Cover them up before you pack them in.


Though electronic devices like laptops and cameras need baggage that protects them, electronic accessories can be easily carried in the utility pockets provided inside a bag. If you are a reader who carries paperbacks and hardcovers while you travel, switching to an e-reader or a tablet can be space-efficient.

Traveling with less to carry has its own benefits and advantages, for instance, if you are traveling by air it can also mean no excess baggage fee to spend for. These are a few tips that you can follow to pack light luggage for your next trip, although you will find yourself discovering more ways of acing the art of packing light and becoming a pro at it!

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