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Should you be wearing socks overnight?

We all have done it once in our lives – coming home so tired one day that we find no energy to pull two tiny socks out of our feet. And sometimes we wake up at night, just to pull the socks away. But there is a portion of the crowd that so loves sleeping every night with socks on. How good is this habit? Science says that it is a good idea, but there are things that must be taken care of.

How sleep impacts temperature regulation of the body

We all understand the beauty that good sleep washes us with. Sleep is so important that a day without it can make our brains ooze smoke. When we sleep, our body keeps on functioning; it regulates blood flow, breathing, memory making, temperature regulation, etc. The general idea is that the body temperature should stay lower in order to make it function well. However, too low a temperature can lead to discomfort. The ideal room temperature for sleep is around 18.3° Celsius. 

Our bodies start dropping the core temperature just before we are about to sleep. Thermoregulation is also bound by the circadian rhythm. If the room is too hot, we find sleeping tough. This is where socks come helpful and save us from a terrible sleep.

The relationship between socks and sleep

Socks help our feet stay warm. But, is it not contrary to the advice that the temperature should stay low for good sleep? 

When we wear socks, our feet become warmer. This warmth leads to the dilation of blood vessels. This is called Vasodilation. When the vessels are dilated, the surface area of our bodies increases. This leads to the opening up of glands and helps our bodies transfer heat in an effective manner. As a result, the overall body temperature comes down even though the feet feel warmer. However, when you wear socks make sure they are breathable. Always make a purchase from authentic websites dealing in clothing, shoes & accessories as this will help you worry less about duplicity.

So, as you know socks help you sleep better and faster, what else should you be taking care of?

Tips to help you have some quality sleep

Having enough sleep is not enough, the quality of your sleep matters too. Here are some tips on how to have a good night’s sleep:

  • Turn off all your electric devices two hours before your sleep time.
  • Have a sleep schedule and try sticking to it. This will help align your body to a circadian cycle.
  • Don’t go to sleep too late at the night.
  • Meditate and do gratitude practice before you go to sleep. This will calm the nervous system and induce good sleep.
  • If you are wearing socks, make sure they are good quality, breathable, and have cotton material. Look for eBay alternatives to shop for high quality at a good price.
  • Make sure the room is completely dark. Having a source of light can mess up the circadian rhythm. 
  • If you can, try waking up with the sun. Humans have evolved naturally to wake up with the sun and sleep when it’s dark. The modern lifestyle has messed up our natural sleep cycle. This has led to stress and insomnia. 
  • Include physical activities in your daily routine. This will help lower your stress level and maintain bodily functions. 

Sleep is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Where its good quality can shape your life towards grace, its lack can push you toward stress and anxiety.


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