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The Best Way to Choose a Shower for Your New Bathroom

There are many options to consider while creating a new bathroom, ranging from the types of ventilation, flooring, toilet, sink, and shower to the functions of each. To get the most out of your investment, it’s crucial to take into account your water pressure, heating system, and even shower design when choosing a shower.

We’ll be talking about the many types of showers, their functionality, and advantages since we know how stressful and time-consuming it is to renovate your house, and we want to offer you one less thing to worry about.

Electric Shower

Installing an electric shower in the majority of homes is a quick and easy process. Hot water is not necessary for often using electric showers. Instead, they heat water as needed using a cold water source. They are therefore perfect for most residences and for spaces where installing a hot water supply can be challenging.

Electric showers are dependable since you won’t have to wait for the water to heat up or worry about running out of hot water in the middle of your shower, which may be difficult on a cold winter day. As they just heat the water that is utilised rather of heating a whole tank, they are also far more energy efficient than showers that need a hot water supply.

Manual Shower Mixer

A water supply is necessary for manual mixer showers to function properly. The majority of manual mixer showers operate manually, therefore an electrical supply is not necessary for them to function. They are therefore a fantastic choice for locations that frequently experience power outages.

When utilising a manual mixer shower, the hot water supply and the cold water are combined while you adjust the temperature with the controls. This implies that the water always exits the faucet at the ideal temperature. Although manual mixers require both hot and cold water sources to function, they do offer higher water pressure than electric showers, so seek professional advice before purchasing.

Power Shower

Power showers are recognised for their name and primary use as strong tiny gadgets. Stronger water pressure lovers might choose power showers since nothing gets you out of bed in the morning like a good shower!

Power showers and electric showers are sometimes misunderstood because of how similar they might both seem, while a power shower functions more like a manual mixer. Power showers need both hot and cold water sources to function properly, much like a manual mixer shower. They do this in a slightly different way, using cold water from your regular water supply and hot water from a cylinder heated by your boiler.

The term “power” is added to its title when it employs electricity to pump the water flow at a higher pace.

Power showers offer several advantages, but they also cost more to operate since they use more electricity to pump the water and use more water each shower than other types of showers. They will also run out of hot water if used for a lengthy amount of time, much like a manual mixer, and you will need to wait for the water to reheat before using it once more.

Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Families with small children should consider thermostatic mixer showers since they reduce the chance of scorching while in use. This kind of shower employs a thermostatic valve to maintain a steady water temperature that may be changed as needed.

To install a thermostatic mixer shower, hot and cold water supply are required.

Digital Shower

Although not widespread, digital showers can be seen in opulent new construction because of their technological nature. Digital showers operate similarly to thermostatic mixer showers in that they maintain a constant and dependable temperature. To function effectively, they require a supply of both hot and cold water.

Digital showers are undoubtedly for those who enjoy convenience and technology in the house. They frequently come with a separate remote control or can be operated from an iPhone, allowing you to turn on your shower before even going into the bathroom.

Smart Shower

The future surely belongs to smart showers. Digital showers and smart showers are quite similar, with the added benefits of complete integration with your smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home to fully customize your shower and preventative safety measures for families with small children or elderly relatives. You can look for bathroom supplies at sites like Shopify, but free ones.

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