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The Heels Guide

Heels are the most fashionable asset when it comes to footwear. Not just they amp up the entire look, but if chosen properly they can add the required glamour and statement to the personality. However, not every heel goes with every outfit. We need to pair them according to different outfits and sometimes it’s a tough task to decide the combination. All you need is a proper style guide that lets you know which heels need to be paired up with which of your outfits. So let’s bring the heels game to the streets and raise your style quotient.


These are exceptionally renowned and are go-to heels for most women including celebrities. These are thin and high heels and make you look taller than usual. Apart from making you look tall they add a classy effect to your personality and go well with dresses and gowns and formal outfits. You can rely on them for any events, parties, or formal gatherings.


Mules are trending much these days. Being both comfortable and sassy they literally should make it to anyone’s wardrobe. They go easily with anything, from casual to classy. Just look out for shades that suit you and you are done. With the right pair of Mules, you will steal the show.

Platform Heels

These are one of the most comfortable heels and wedges. Not only do they support the heel way but also don’t compromise with your overall look. Platform heels are best for you if you are not accustomed to pulling off the high heels because of discomfort.

If you are facing confusion with the experimentation, just pick up a basic color and try it out with any outfit. Also, the floral collection is worth going for. They go well with everything and you will surely love them!

Kitten Heels

High heels aren’t necessary when it comes to your style quotient, what matters most is your comfort. Many women don’t find it comfortable to hold on to high heels for a longer duration. Kitten heels are something they should opt for. Along with being cute and attractive, they provide you full comfort. Also, they go well with any attire be it casual or chic or classy.

Ankle Strap Heels

They are pairs of heels that will add a statement to your look. Pull up your fashionista game with them by pairing them up with dresses and skirts. They are a perfect choice for adding glamour to your wardrobe. If you are thinking of standing out with your legs they are there to amp up the game for you. Worth a try!


They aren’t thin and higher and are in the shape of a wedge as the name suggests. Being highly comfortable and stylish at the same time they can easily be an alternative for you if you are looking for something other than higher heels. Also, they go well with any outfit. If you’re tired of being uncomfortable in thin and high heels, you need to add these pretty heels to your wardrobe. To buy the best and long-lasting heels, check sites like eBay.

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