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The Top 5 Advantages of High School Digital Ticketing


The return of live sporting events, which high school sports fans have been yearning for, is rapidly coming. Athletic directors and administrators can streamline event management to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for both employees and fans as schools welcome back students for another academic year and fans anxiously anticipate the start of another season.

Technology has enabled high schools to organize sporting events in the same way that many professional and collegiate sports organizations do. Thousands of high schools throughout the country have realized the advantages of using digital tickets to go cashless and paperless. Schools can save time, improve income, and minimize the bother of athletics while also fostering fan confidence by removing paper tickets and the administrative load that comes with them.

High schools that transition to digital ticketing can obtain the following major results:

  • Make contactless payment and entry possible. As schools go through the COVID-19 safety rules and recommendations, digital ticketing can help to minimize unnecessary points of contact. Paper tickets are passed around many times before being cashed at the entrance, putting spectators in danger. Paying using cash has the same drawbacks.
  • Stay away from bottlenecks and long queues. Digital ticketing for athletics can speed up the admission procedure while also avoiding needless touch. Instead of waiting in huge queues, spectators may go right up to the entrance and redeem their tickets in a matter of seconds. Look for a digital ticketing supplier that does not need scanning if you want to achieve the quickest possible crowd flow. QR codes on phone displays can be difficult to see, resulting in yet another point of contact and annoying entry delays.
  • As required, manage capacity. You may need to limit capacity for certain of your events based on your school’s rules. You may simply set limitations on the total number of tickets to be sold, split down tickets by kind, and encourage social separation if necessary by distributing tickets to different parts of the stadium using digital ticketing.
  • Increase the quality of your fan experience. Digital ticketing not only gives comfort in terms of security but also improves the fan experience. Gone are the days when fans had to take time out of their busy schedules to go to the ATM or purchase paper tickets at the school. Your fans may now look up your event calendar and buy tickets in advance on your website. Fans who want to purchase tickets at the gate may do so quickly and conveniently by filling out a simple form on their mobile device.
  • You’ll be able to reclaim hours from your day. Ticketing is a crucial part of sporting event administration, and it may take a lot of time – especially when you have so many other things to worry about. Your admirers will no longer need to come to your school or workplace to purchase tickets if you make it possible for them to do so online. Look for a digital ticketing company that offers a comprehensive event management platform to help you with scheduling, seating charts, season tickets, and other time-consuming duties. You can reclaim hours from your day and dedicate even more time to your students with a unified digital ticketing and event management platform.

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