How many times have you attended a concert or festival only to misplace your ticket stub in the depths of your wallet or in the following wash of laundry? Creative crafts are the way to go if you are searching for a unique way to display and keep those old concert tickets.

We have gathered a list of methods to preserve those stubs while simultaneously displaying your musical memories, whether you are searching for a fun project or a simple approach to keep them all in one place.

1. Album of Ticket Stubs

Many people keep their photographs in albums, so why not keep your old concert tickets in the same way? It’s a simple way to save some of your greatest memories without having to go through the trouble of scrapbooking. Get a book at your local Walmart or Target, or get a ticket-specific one online for less cost.

2. Shadow Box

This is one of the most practical solutions to save all of your stubs in one location. Keep it at your front entrance so you can drop your ticket stub right into the shadow box from your pocket.

3. Decorative Element

If you enjoy being crafty, this DIY Christmas project is perfect for you. Transform those old ticket stubs into decorations to take a music-themed Christmas tree to the next level. It’s a quick, simple, and really creative way to display your Christmas concert memories.

4. Work of Art

Turn those stubs into artwork to showcase at your home, office, or dorm by channelling your inner artist. The wonderful thing about this art form is that there is no right or wrong way to practise it.

5. Exquisite Footwork

Do you have an old pair of Vans or Converse that might need some TLC? Add a few of your favourite ticket stubs to your concert sneakers! It’s a fun way to show off your musical taste while also giving an old pair of shoes a fresh appearance.

6. Photographic Frame

To make the ultimate keepsake, combine your ticket stubs with a photo from your favourite event or festival. For a quick and easy DIY project, pick yourself a cheap photo frame from your local dollar shop.

7. Concert Enthusiast’s Coffee Table

Take a break from Pinteresting that perfect coffee table and create it yourself. Use a ticket tabletop to spruce up that old, grungy-looking table you already have.

8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Alphabet

At our local craft stores, we’ve all seen those enormous carboard-style letters. While most people like to paint these items, you may give them a unique twist by covering them in your old stubs. The options are infinite. Spell out rock, pop-punk, or your name.

9. Concert Coasters

Put your favourite drink on a coaster made out of old ticket stubs. You may get crafty and build your own, or you can buy these customised stone concert stub coasters here.

10. Lamp

A hollow, see-through base lamp may be found at a variety of retailers, including Target and Walmart. Consider it a cross between a shadow box and a DIY coffee table. It’s the ideal method to highlight your passion for music festivals and performances.

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