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Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Tactics to Uplift Sales

The world of eCommerce is expanding day by day after a big success of giant marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon. This is the reason why most sellers find it hard to make a place in the hearts of the customers and retain it. If you are an online seller who has tried all the traditional tactics to sell products online and is looking for some fresh ideas that work then this post is beneficial for you. Here we have listed top 5 eCommerce marketing tactics to uplift sales that will generate results in short order and make you feel more in control.

  • Reduce Abandoned Carts

    One of the most common pain points of almost all the sellers is abandoned carts. Don’t you feel bad when a customer adds a product to the cart but doesn’t check out? If so, you should learn to send reminders to the customers that products are awaiting their return. You can also make the situation more appealing by telling the customer exactly how many pieces of a product is left. The lower the number, the higher would be the chances that a customer would buy it.

  • Offer Exit Discounts

    Another way of boosting sales while reducing the number of abandoned carts is to offer exit discounts or promotional coupon codes to all the customers. When you think that a customer is done with selecting the products and is about to check out without making the payment, then you can offer an exclusive looking exit discount to the customer. In most cases, this will push the customer to go for the product rather than leave it in the cart. Make sure that the exit discount is lucrative enough to tempt a customer and isn’t too low.

  • Make Your Product Page More Attractive

    In case you can attract the customers to the website/ seller page, but they don’t stay long then you need to do some investigation. No, we are not asking you to call the cops, but you would do well to connect with some website auditors. An auditor would tell you the pain points of your website/seller page like the content is not original or doesn’t have SEO keywords or whether your website/ seller page is responsive on mobiles or not. You can do the auditing yourself by looking at other websites and seller pages that are garnering a lot of leads and then improve yourself.

  • Use Social Media Platforms

    No one can neglect the power of social media these days. You shouldn’t do it too. You should create a social media account in the name of your seller profile and connect with your customers. This direct interaction with your customers will let you know which of your products are working and which ones need improvement. You can also let the customers know of upcoming discounts and deals to ensure that they get ready to buy the products, especially during seasonal sales. You can also measure the demand and supply of products by connecting with customers on social media, and it will help with multi channel inventory management.

  • Remember to Brag

    Last but simply not the least, you should highlight the best reviews offered by customers on your social media and seller profile pages. It is also smart to chase every purchase to ensure that you have the maximum possible reviews. You can also offer an incentive to the customers to ensure that they leave a review like a 10 percent discount for every review or some cash back. Remember, all smart window shoppers buy products on the basis of the best reviews, and if you avoid the reviews, you may not be able to up your sales no matter how amazing your products are.


Here is some add-on advise. If you want to uplift your eCommerce sales by boosting the referrals or word of mouth then you should offer a referral bonus to every customer who helps you land a new customer. You can also increase the number of customers by offering year-round discounts like 10 percent discount if someone shops for more than 500 USD during a single visit. It will ensure that your sales figures keep on climbing.

It is expected that you would love to use these strategies to boost sales and enhance your profit margins. Good Luck!

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