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Top 8 Toys to Encourage Learning & Development in Babies Under 6 Months Old

Halfway through their first year, your 6-month-old is rapidly evolving from a newborn to an older infant. By the time they are six months old, newborns are becoming increasingly curious about and ready to engage with their environment. Toys and interactive play will have a significant influence on your baby’s development as they start to sit more confidently and move quickly through physical, emotional, and cognitive milestones.

The number of toy alternatives accessible to parents is constantly growing, making it difficult to select the ideal toys for your 6-month-old child. We have chosen the toys that will enable your baby to learn crucial skills while playing in order to help you narrow the list.

  • Bead Pops

The coordination and use of extremely small muscles, including those in your baby’s hands and wrists, are a requirement for fine motor abilities. By playing with toys that they can grab, push, pull, and manipulate with their hands, babies may improve their fine motor abilities.

  • Playing Cubes

The coordination of a baby’s major muscles, such as the legs, arms, and torso, is known as gross motor abilities. Babies are typically encouraged to move about and assume various postures when playing with toys that promote the development of gross motor skills.

  • Stacking Cups

The ability to understand that things, like a beloved toy or mom and dad, still exist even when they are hidden is known as object permanence. Around five months old, newborns start to learn how to do this, which is why playing peek-a-boo with them is usually a success. Toys that need concealment will aid in the development of this ability.

  • Pop-Up Toys

Simply said, your infant has to be able to grasp cause and effect to know that doing one thing causes another to happen. Around the age of five months, babies start to master this ability, which is why your baby may start to find it amusing when you drop a spoon or toy so they can watch you pick it up.

This ability is best developed using toys that your baby can push, pull, or spin to cause something else to happen in response.

  • Touch & Feel Books

Regardless of how thrilled parents are to hear their child say their first word, every infant develops language and speech abilities at their own rate. Nevertheless, reading to your child and chatting to them frequently throughout the day will support the growth of their linguistic abilities. The ideal toy for promoting language development is a board book.

  • Push Cars

Your infant can start to learn how to learn and solve issues with the use of cognitive skills. The imaginary play that these toys promote helps children start to assimilate information, reason, and express emotion.

  • Textured Balls

Play that stimulates your baby’s senses, such as touch, smell, and taste, is referred to as sensory play. Your baby’s senses aid in their exploration of their surroundings. Playing with textures is best suited to toys with various textures. This collection of balls comes in a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes that you can get from sites like eBay and is intended to encourage tactile development and sensory exploration.

  • Floor Mirrors

Our ability to read and understand communication as well as communicate with others is only possible because of our social skills. These abilities start to emerge at birth and keep expanding as the baby’s surroundings get bigger. The best toys for helping your baby learn social skills are those that enable her to watch other people’s conduct. An age-old favorite for fostering social skills is a floor mirror.

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