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Top Literary Books Which You Must Read

Reading has countless advantages, including the ability to reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve intelligence. “Reading is to the intellect what exercise is to the body,” wrote Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele in the seventeenth century. Even today, many centuries later, this proverb still holds true. 

Studies have established the advantages of reading in terms of science over the previous few decades. Along with being pleasurable, reading a good book can benefit your mental and emotional health.

Reading, especially fiction, thoroughly engages the intellect and imagination. Contemplative activities that call for the brain’s total focus on a single objective have been shown to ease anxiety and encourage relaxation.

Here is a reading list that includes Books & Magazine everyone should read if they enjoy reading. Here are the top literary fiction books which you must read:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

This timeless classic explores human nature and the 20th-century Deep South as a region of communal consciousness. With humor, the author explores hypocrisy, prejudice, hatred, love, and innocence to produce a fantastic tale you will surely adore.

  • Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies, by Maddie Mortimer

Something is moving through the rungs of Lia’s larynx and the bones of her trachea, learning about her life with delighted malice.

Boundaries in Lia’s life start to dissolve as hidden secrets come to light after a shocking diagnosis transforms her world forever. Her story is taken over by an internal voice that combines the scenery inside her body with the outer world.

Maddie Mortimer’s captivating debut book, a coming-of-age story set towards the end of life, combines wild lyricism with celebrations of desire, forgiveness, and the darkness in our bodies. It is at once heartbreaking and darkly humorous.

  • The Lamplighters, by Emma Stonex

1972 in Cornwall. Isolated lighthouse miles from the coast loses three of its keepers. The front door is closed and secured from the inside. The timepieces have halted. Although a mighty storm is mentioned in the Principal Keeper’s weather report, the skies have been clear all week.

When given a chance to share their side of the story twenty years later, the women they left behind still find it difficult to move on.

This captivating mystery, inspired by actual events, explores love and grief as well as perspective and reality.

  • Young Mungo, by Douglas Stuart

James and Mungo both identify as Catholics and live in the brutally sectarianism hypermasculine milieu of two Glasgow housing estates. The two should be rivals, but when they seek refuge in the doocot James built for his racing pigeons, they become increasingly intimate. Mungo and James try to negotiate a difficult and uncertain future together while daydreaming about escape and constantly being on the lookout for them. Read out this mysterious and interesting plot.

  • Yours Cheerfully, by AJ Pearce

As Emmeline Lake takes on the challenge of becoming a young wartime advice columnist, things have been looking up since the imposing Editor, Henrietta Bird, left Woman’s Friend magazine. While Bunty, Emmy’s best friend, is still hurting from the worst of the Blitz but boldly looking to the future, her relationship with her boyfriend Charles is growing. The pals are committed to succeeding as a group. Dear Mrs. Bird, Yours Cheerfully is a celebration of friendship, a monument to the strength of women, and emphasizes the value of encouraging one another. It is equally amusing, moving, and upbeat as AJ Pearce’s debut.


As it is truly said that books are the best friend of every individual. They help you to overcome stress and anxiety and bring peace. Get these books at the best prices on eBay alternatives and start reading them. Have a happy reading!!


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