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True Wireless Earphones

Ditch the cable with the New truly wireless earbuds

The move towards true wireless earbuds has seen the market boom in recent times. One big appeal is freedom in usability. With no wires running between headphones and phone, wireless earbuds won’t restrict your movement one bit. That’s true handy in commuting and general day-to-day life and great if you’re one sporty type.

Here I’ll tell you why you should use them!

1. History-Who made the first truly wireless earbuds/ earphones?

The first truly wireless earphones were made by a Japanese company ‘Onkyo’ in the year 2015. They made their first pair. And launched it in September 2015, they called it “Onkyo W8000BT”. Onkyo’s wireless earphones went out and laid down a precedent and pioneered in this category of a product that had major possibilities of being accepted by the consumers.

But as the very first of its kind, it had issues! The first truly wireless earphones faced problems with its BT connectivities, very short battery life, with complaints from users about the unbalanced sound quality execution while some users even felt that the wireless earphones were a cause of discomfort while using in comparison to the other wired earphones.

But now in 2020, they are gone too further. lets talking about them.

2. Small and Lightweight

They are very small in size also very light you can’t even feel them while using them. It wights less the 7 grams, fits comfortably in your ears. They can be used as mono or both. Check some at online marketplace

2. No Strings Attached

Some of them have lesser wire used for longer battery life but some don’t use any wire. They come with a rechargeable case that can charge them for longer use. They created a new category in the audio market.

3. Same Features as old heavy headphones

They have all features that traditional audio devices have but with less hassle. ActiveNoice Cancellation, Hi-Fi audio, HD sound, etc. They have every feature there is. If you like to check out you can get it from an eBay alternative site. If they don’t work your way then you can sell them at a free selling site.

4. The other side

They Do have some cons. Like lesser battery life, they are small in size that makes them hard to find if misplaced, the smaller size makes you compromise in sound output, and also lower quality calls.

TrueWireless Earphones may have some disadvantages but still, they are game-changing innovation. There are the best in their class. Here we discussed them and if you want to buy one then you can check some blogs to find which one is best for you.

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