Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy for Him and Her in 2019

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is an important day in the life of lovers where they enjoy each other’s company and demonstrate their love for one another. It is the day when you rekindle your romance, make the other person feel special and creatively express your love. If you want to add in a bit of “extra” to the special day and don’t want to stick to the chocolates, roses and candle lite dinners only then TrueGether is the place to be. Here we have shared a few ideas on Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for him and her that are worth consideration and quite cost-effective too!

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy for Him

  • A Golf Shirt

golf shirt

If you man loves to spend his time in a golf course more than he loves spending his time with you, it’s time to surrender to his love for the sport and buy this amazing Columbia Sportswear XCO Men’s Navy-Blue Polo Golf Shirt. Available in Size XL, this shirt will fit most men. The Polyester fabric ensures that your man doesn’t sweat much during the game because it’s quite light. The shirt is manufactured by a renowned brand, Columbia, so you don’t need to worry about the quality. Its length is 31,” and pit to pit measurement is 25.5.”

  • A Watch

Wrist watch

Watches have been a timeless gift for men for centuries. If you want to buy a watch that will suit any man’s wrist to ensure that it looks good on your man’s wrist, then the Bulova Diamond Men’s Quartz Watch with Dial Analogue Display is a worthy product. The total diameter for this watch when clasped is 2.5,” and it has 11 genuine diamond hour markers. Some other features that make this watch worth it are silver-tone and gold-tone stainless steel case, a white-silver dial, a curved mineral glass, three-hand calendar, water resistance to 30m (100 ft) and bracelet with a fold-over closure.

  • A Wine Decanter Carafe

wine decanter

Men who like to drink either socially, occasionally or habitually prefer to make use of a wine decanter carafe. You can make your man remember you whenever he pours a drink by buying this mid-century modern Danish glass wine decanter carafe teak stopper that is 22.0 cm tall and 13.5 cm wide at the bottom. It’s made in Denmark which is a testament to high-quality craftsmanship.

  • A Facial Cream
Facial Cream for Men
Facial Cream for Men

Women who think that their man doesn’t want to look good are usually wrong. It is a fact that most men like to pay attention to their looks as much as women do, but they don’t talk about it much. If your man also thinks how he looks in the mirror matters a lot, then you can buy an ultra facial cream for him.  The ideal size would be 125ml because it will allow him to test the cream and use it for a few days if he likes it. This cream is made in Canada by a popular brand Kiehl and must be used as a moisturizer primarily. The top reasons to buy it for your man is because it’s comfortable, works in all weathers and offers great protection from cold.

  • A FragranceFragrance

If you want your man to smell divine, then do consider gifting him a perfume this valentine. The gift will ultimately benefit you when your man smells tempting at all times. One product that you can try is Parag Fragrances Perfume Attar for Men Blue Cristal and Aqua. This perfume is totally alcohol-free, long lasting, has premium fragrance notes and comes in a beautiful packaging that negates the need for more gift wrapping.

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy for Her

  • A Jewelry Box

jewellery box

There’s hardly a woman on earth who doesn’t own a few pieces of fashion jewelry. Some like the vintage pieces that have been passed on through various generations while others like funky pieces that come and go out of fashion. If your woman also loves jewelry, you should gift her a unique jewelry box like Antique Victorian Mahogany Floral Etched & Blue Satin Lined Jewelry Trinket Box. Measuring 7 3/4 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches, this box will look amazing on a dresser and would help to ensure that your woman’s jewelry is not lying around.

  • A Satin Robe

satin robe

In case you want to impress your woman, you should gift her a comfortable robe to let her know that she looks beautiful to you even without the makeup and the sexy clothes. The Vassarette Women’s Pale-Yellow Long Nylon Silky Peignoir Robe should be considered by you because its posh without looking prissy and comfortable without looking schlepped. You can accompany this gift with breakfast in bed to make your woman feel special!

  • A Shower Gel

shower gel

If your woman likes to take care of her skin and you want to help her because you like her smooth, satiny skin as well, then you should buy a shower gel for her. Cheap but effective, a product like Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Shower Gel 10 oz is a good option. It’s a warm and sensual blend of a perfect Oahu sunset and the alluring scent of coconut blossoms that lets a woman has cleaner skin within a few seconds thanks to the rich, bubbly lather that is bursting with fragrance. It will also moisturize her skin thanks to the perfect combination of shea butter, coconut oil, aloe, and vitamin E.

  • A Pair of Shoes


If you know women, you also know the fact that most women can never have too many shoes. Add to her precious collection this Valentine’s day with a Women’s Iron Fist Unicornopia Unicorn Glitter Platform Heel Shoes available in Dark Navy color. The brand, Ironfist is renowned for innovation and allowing customers to create their style rather than copying others. These Stilettos with greater than about 5-inch heel would make your woman look like a stunner and the strong synthetic leather will ensure that she walks with confidence. It’s available in many size options like EU 36, EU 37, EU 38, EU 39, EU 40, EU 41 and EU 42.

  • A Red Dress

red dress

Men who want to take their woman on a date and make her feel special on the day of love should consider buying a red dress for her. It will be a testament to your love for her, and the color will trigger your lovey-dovey emotions. You should consider this Nine West Red Fireglow Women’s Pleated Sheath Dress that is available in a unique fireglow color and has a belt too. It’s a lined and textured dress made of polyester that will make your woman look gorgeous effortlessly!


It is hoped that you liked the ideas mentioned here and you’ll include some of these in your 2019 Valentine’s day shopping list. If you gift one or more of these products to your special someone, it will make him or her fall in love with you all over again!

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