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Video Games — The Town Squares for the Socially Distanced

The plague of the 21st century is here and has disrupted your and everybody else’s life. It’s all shelter at home, lockdown, essentials only, and all that good stuff. Basically, it’s you and your family cooped up in your tiny — no matter the number of bedrooms — home. Catching up with the gang is hard, and video calls just don’t cut it, so what’s the way out?

Video games are your alternatives for the skatepark and the mall during this pandemic. Pick your choice of genres, from FPS shooters to open-world adventures to racing cars and trucks. Jump into the virtual medieval towns and futurescapes to hunt, explore, battle, race, and much more.

While picking a game you and your friends would like to play is best done by your group, enhancing your gaming experience is what this blog can help with. From the device you are playing on to the accessories that can make your experience more fulfilling, find a comprehensive list of gaming necessities below:

The Device

Gaming has permeated into all kinds of electronic devices today. Computer, gaming consoles — the tabletop and the handheld kinds, tablets, and smartphones are the usual platforms that can run games. Gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch have some of the largest user bases. But the OG gaming device, the PC, still reigns supreme with the highest number of users.

Picking a device to start your gaming journey will depend on a few factors:

  • What types of games are you playing: Smartphones and tablets will allow lightweight and less complex games, while a PC or console can take on more heavy and graphics-rich games.
  • How invested are you: If you play games as just a form of entertainment, then devices with specs that just support the game will do. But if you want to be competitive and win contests, more specialized hardware may be what you are looking for.
  • What else do you need the device to do: A PC is a complete workstation that can also run games. A console can be a media player that can visit some video platforms on the Internet. A smartphone is a miniature PC with limited gaming capabilities. What capabilities you need your device to have outside of gaming can dictate your choice.

The Accessories

Gaming accessories can enhance your in-game performance and make your overall experience richer. Here are some of the popular accessories you might want to pick up.

  • Headphones: Audio makes half the experience in games. With high-quality background music and real-time audio chat among players, a good pair of headphones are necessary to get the most out of your sessions.
  • Displays: For consoles and PC, a good screen with a high refresh rate, resolution, and brightness is all the craze right now. There are displays for handheld devices too that can dock on and enlarge their tiny screen. Video, the other half of the gaming experience being top-notch, is a bonus to your experience.

  • Controllers: This covers mice, keyboards, console controllers, joysticks, steering racks, and any other input device supported by games. Having an accurate and tactile controller can boost your performance and even give some feedback in some cases.

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