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Virtual Reality Meditation — How Does it Help in Controlling Stress and Depression?

An anxious mind is a zombie that eats one’s brain. In this fast-paced world, anxiety has become a constant torture companion that never fails to take a toll on our daily life. Over the years, medical solutions have been evolving to reduce the impact of this psychological disorder on our lives.


Meditation, which has been practiced since 5000 BCE, is believed to produce a relaxing effect on our body and its senses. The benefits it can provide in dealing with anxiety and depression are well-established. It can help control our stress and enhance self-awareness. Undoubtedly, it is the cheapest and most effective treatment that is widely practiced, yet the difficulty in achieving the required calm and focussed state of mind comes off as a huge challenge. An anxious mind has to constantly struggle to make conscious efforts to acquire and maintain calm. This struggle, combined with the discomforts of the physical environment, can make meditation a frustrating activity. This frustration, in turn, can increase stress and worsen one’s anxiety. The surrounding in which one meditates and the comfort it provides to the mind plays a significant role in deciding how effective the treatment would be. Nature is considered the ultimate healer. But finding a calm spot for you to heal without any distractions is a difficult task and is considerably expensive. When one is overloaded with office works and numerous deadlines to meet, finding time to go on a vacation to control stress and depression is almost impossible.

Virtual Reality

To overcome these challenges and improve the effects of meditation, one needs help from an external factor. Virtual Reality (VR) is one such pragmatic factor that can help compensate for the shortcomings of trying to meditate all by yourself. It is quite ironic that technology, which is considered by many to be one of the prime reasons that cause anxiety, turns out to be an effective solution. VR makes use of a headset that can create an audio-visual 360-degree virtual environment of your choice. This audio-visual experience acts as the ticket to your dream vacation point. Once you are in the virtual world, the engaging visual and auditory aids can pull you deeper into yourself and anchor your mind where it is needed, thus canceling out the discomforts and distractions. This feeling can be compared to that of reading fiction. Like you unconsciously coexist with a fictional character in the fictional world, here you will be transported, virtually, to the calm environment required for your mindful meditation. Getting to experience a personalized environment of your demand, without having to worry about the time and labor required for physically transporting yourself to such a place, can help you unwind easily, even on a weekday. It can help expand your mind and focus attention on the present moment in the comforts of your home without any intrusion of thoughts.

Final Thought

However, Virtual Reality is still a luxury that only a few can afford. VR Headsets, affordable to all, is coming up and this can have a huge impact on the overall mental well-being of people globally. You can buy a suitable VR Headset for yourself from sites like eBay. Virtual Reality can be the personal trainer for your mind in achieving solitude amidst a hectic schedule and help cope-up with your anxiety.

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