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MICROSOFT, the very multi-millionaire company once thought that a watch can do more functions than just telling time. A watch smart like a computer is a smartwatch.

In today’s era, smartwatches are something very important domain of society. Apart from tracking time, they locate your locations, heart rate, blood pressure, step counts, etc. In short, they got your back for your daily health routine. A smartwatch makes you appear smart and good. People are making it an important part of their digital shopping. They need watches also to be touch screens with their computers and mobiles.


SMART WATCHES are now not less smart than their users. Let’s put light on its smart features

  • You can carry these types of watches easily and they are easily wearable.
  • You can attend phone calls and join your call meetings easily.
  • You can test your heart rate and other operations.
  • You can customize your dial pad.
  • You can use applications like WHATSAPP and others.


Your smartphones will help you to get your smartwatches. You can scroll through many related best websites which provide you with a wider range of smartwatches and the best quality. You can go through the sites like eBay.

You can also get your smartwatches from nearby stores.

Its features are advantages for its users. But every product has its disadvantages too. Every advantageous product has its CONS too.


  • Screen size- 46mm defines the biggest screen size of these watches. There may be problems while tapping the icons on the screen. The icon size and the font size are too small, not every user may be satisfied with them. You may struggle with cluttering.
  • Smartphone vs smartwatch – The polls are always with smartphones, smartphones are easy to use and more convenient than watches.


the market offers two kinds of smartwatches-

  1. A classic/simple smartwatch-

             It is a normal type of smartwatch with simple time declarations in digital ways with notification updates and health updates. For example, it has a feature of a digital time pad and connects to your phone/Bluetooth for wireless call meetings.

  1. An activity tracker –

             It is also known as a fitness tracker or fitness band. These bands are made to track users’ fitness. They are goal-oriented as it is simple and only track fitness. It has advancement levels for heart rate tracking and oxygen level tracking. The design of the band is simple to see and comfortable for the wrist with its smooth and thin strap.


So, smart wristbands are the best eye capture of today’s generation. It updates with most new tech features and it has wide variations in trend. It comes in many variants for men, women, kids, hybrid watches, and activity trackers.

The large market of these watches is captured by APPLE STORES, they have various series of I – WATCH and many fitness trackers with high quality.












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