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What is Social Commerce? Tips, Tools, and Trends for 2024

Ever wondered how to make your social media game pay off more? Well, social commerce tools are here to help businesses and creators sell stuff right on social media. Let’s dive into this cool trend and find out how it can boost your sales big time.

If you are running an online store and want to reach a bunch of people in your target group, social media is your secret weapon. Seriously, more than half the world uses social media, and most of us check it out every day.

But, here’s the catch – even though social media marketing can bring in big bucks, getting your followers to click away from their favorite apps to buy something from your online store can be a bit tricky.

But guess what? There’s a game-changing trend called social commerce that’s making this whole process way easier. Let’s check it out together.

What is Social Commerce?

So, what’s social commerce all about? It’s like when businesses and folks sell things right on their social media pages. Imagine scrolling through your feed, and bam! You see something cool you can buy without leaving the app.

Social media got smarter with tools like posts you can shop from, mini online stores, and easy checkouts. Now, you can find new stuff, check out brands, and buy things—all without going anywhere else.

And here’s the exciting part – social commerce makes a ton of money! As per Statista, in 2020, it pulled in a massive $475 billion. And guess what? It’s not slowing down. Experts say it’s growing by 28.4% every year and might hit a crazy $3.37 trillion by 2028. That’s a whole lot of cash!

What are the Benefits of Social Commerce?

Wondering why you should try social commerce? Well, it’s like meeting your peeps where they hang out online, and it comes with loads of perks compared to regular online selling. If you haven’t hopped on the social commerce train yet, here’s why you might want to:

Easier Buying

In regular online shopping, you often get sent from social media to another website to buy stuff. That extra step can be a hassle. You have to leave social media, go to a different site, and then come back. It might not sound super hard, but it’s just enough trouble that some people skip it. That extra work we are talking about is what we mean by “friction” in buying.

But with social commerce tools on social media, you cut down that hassle a lot. People who find your stuff can buy it right there without jumping around. Buying from you becomes almost as simple as liking or following.

Customers still think a bit before buying, but when they can grab your stuff right where they found it, the buying part becomes way easier.

Boost Social Media and Sales Together

A smart plan for social media marketing does two things at once: it finds new friends and keeps the old ones happy. Social commerce helps you do both things at the same time. Your posts can shout out about your brand and also offer things to buy for those thinking about getting your stuff.

Here’s the cool part: some folks might zoom through the buying process faster. With brand shout-outs, thinking about it, and deciding to buy all happening in one spot, new fans might have all they need to say, “Yep, I want this” and know exactly how to get it.

Social Commerce Market is Huge

Sorting social media users by what they like or follow helps you find the right people to sell to. But if you are not using social commerce, you might be missing out on lots of sales.

More and more folks are buying through social media, and this trend is growing. By 2025, it’s predicted that about 37% of Americans will have bought something on social media.

As more businesses join in, buying straight from social media will become normal, not fancy. Starting with social commerce now means you won’t miss out on sales and will be ahead of the game.

Sell Smart with Social Commerce: Quick Tips!

Selling through social commerce is always changing, but there are some simple tricks to get the most out of it.

Pick the Right Social Spot

Not every social media place is perfect for every seller. Find the one that matches your audience. Like, if you are into Gen Z, maybe try TikTok. Selling to millennials? Instagram could be your go-to.

Look at where your ads get the most love now. Social commerce makes buying easier, but the places people love your stuff will likely be great for selling too. Don’t go crazy and try everything at once. Start with the best spot and grow from there.

Go Live and Sell More

Using the live video feature on your platform is a cool way to flaunt your product and explain why it’s better than the rest. If you are a creator, it’s also a chance to show off your personality and connect deeper with your followers.

During a live video, people can check out your product, ask questions right then, and get all the details they need to buy. On Facebook, you can even turn on live shopping, letting them buy stuff while watching your live show.

A survey found that 70% of folks who often watch live videos are likely to buy things from the people they follow. So, going live is a big chance for creators and sellers to make some serious sales.

Connect Quickly and Boost Loyalty

When selling online, customers may have questions, and you can’t be live all the time. Keep instant messaging open for easy communication. It adds a personal touch, provides fast support, and builds brand loyalty. Being available curbs purchase abandonment. Use private messaging for discounts, new products, and post-purchase connections, making online shopping personalized and customers feel valued.

Grow with Influencers

Influencer marketing is booming, set to have reached $16.4 billion in 2022. Partnering with influencers boosts sales as their followers value their opinions. Increased social engagement helps algorithms, exposing your product to new interested users. You don’t need huge influencers; micro-influencers often bring higher engagement, valuable for building a long-term audience.

The Future of E-commerce is Social

While ecommerce trends change, social commerce is here to stay. Social media keeps adding easy ways to shop, and users want to buy stuff hassle-free right when they find it. Small businesses get a fair shot against big ones with social commerce, giving everyone a level playing field. Trying out social commerce now can set you up to grow in the future.

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