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Why is Good Customer Support Important for Online Retailing?

Why is Good Customer Support Important in Online Retailing?In the dynamic market environment today, customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in determining the growth of a company in the long run. Any business that goes out of the way in their customer support while giving personal attention and added value to the entire equation manages to acquire more customers than businesses that do not. Keeping customers above everything else and paying attention to the customers’ specific needs is like taking an insurance policy or anchoring the bedrock that guarantees success. Many multi channel retailing companies have a trusted customer base that patronizes their services no matter what, which is by the law of business a great achievement for the business.

The 5 most important reasons why the behemoths of online business such as TrueGether, Amazon, Apple, eBay etc. have been implementing high-quality customer service as an integral part of their business practices which has helped them score aces with their customers and proliferate beyond their initial capacities are given below:

  • Customer Retention

It is believed that having and retaining trusted customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones. The existing customers, if treated like kings, would oblige in recommending the business and its services to family and friends either by word of mouth or social media. The marketing costs incurred turn out to be pointless if they fail to attract new customers who are ready to buy products from an online retailer.

Customers who are new but have purchased from the online retailer need to be impressed with great customer support to continue patronage and the patrons need to be reminded through exemplary customer service why they chose to stick with the business in the first place. Existing customers are more likely to buy from a retailer they trust than new customers. Trust is a virtue and a business metric that needs to be built through flawless customer support with revised policies every now and then which would strengthen the entire process.

  • Brand Awareness and Goodwill

If an online retailer at a new marketplace or their current one needs to build brand awareness and guard the goodwill of the brands, then optimal techniques of supporting the customers and satisfying them need to be adopted. Of course, the quality of the products plays an important role in the reputation of the company and the customers’ trust, but if the concerns of customers relating to products, services, delivery etc. are not addressed, then an ominous cloud forms above the brand’s goodwill which could even handicap the future growth of the e-retailer through negative reviews and poor ratings. In the highly competitive market, any pitfall of a business is a trump card for the competitor to flourish.

  • Quicker Responses and Resolutions to Customer Issues

Any business that lacks a good customer support system, contact facility, or helpline feature is either considered bogus or unreliable.

The onus on the seller does not end with a sale. After sales support is equally important as compared to the sale completed through quicker responses to queries and resolutions to customer-raised issues. A strong moral standing and belief in the company’s goals are the outcome of a rock-solid customer care system. It instils the common faith in customers that the brand is here to do good for them through their conspicuous customer engagement rather than just cultivate a pervasive profit-centric business attitude. An effective, timely, and responsive customer care infrastructure is the call of the hour in this fast-paced world. It is a make or a break for the long standing of the business, which will have to bear the brunt of it all if the quality of service deteriorates.

  • Growth through Customer Recommendation

Most customers do not keep great experiences to themselves. They would want others to experience the greatness that they have had the privilege of enjoying. The same holds true for a bad experience, they would want to save others from misery. Whether a business goes leaps and bounds or falls into the dark pit, all depends on how they treat their customers. Word-of-mouth advertising is something online businesses cannot buy or control. It is a natural process and a lucrative one if all goes well. People believe their trusted human resources more than digital sources when it comes to product reviews and experiences.

  • Business Expansion and New Partnerships

Public support not only works for politics, it also plays a very significant role is rapidly endorsing and expanding a business. A premium customer service will not only enhance the reputation of the brand with customers but it could also lead to governmental recognition and accolades. It may also help in forging new business partnerships with other businesses which are on a lookout for companies that have more buyers and their support. Especially, in the case of online marketplaces when the management recognizes your brand as a premium one, they would be more than happy to have you as one of their top sellers as it will be a boost to their prestige and online retail standing. When positive reviews and good ratings pour in your seller account will get easily recognized on marketplaces and this may entitle you to many benefits like lowered commission rates, better seller services etc. from the multi channel inventory management.

Every customer who is served well will instinctively promote your business, this is a natural phenomenon. Understanding target customers through personal contact and care is a better approach than sending random surveys to unknown customers to understand their requirements and use it for research and development in marketing. It is absolutely pointless to pay heed to customer needs for a brief period and totally ignore them once the business picks up. The result, customers go in search of other sources which is more power to competitors. Setting yourself apart as a seller through a different approach to customer support is as important as selling distinctive products.


We would like to conclude with what Steve Jobs once said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”.

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