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4 Laws of Sale For Your Holiday Selling

Selling is an art. With such stiff competition in the market, the USP of any company is its selling skills. Digital marketing or e-commerce is one of the recent sales options to businesses. While apparently, it seems easy to start a business from the comfort of home, building a strong customer base is tough. It is not a day’s task to build a multi-millionaire organization. Let us check out some of the unsaid laws which are followed by the top sales influencers of the business.

Customers Do Not Buy What They Do Not Need

Yes, this is the primary law of selling. Research the market and check which products are in demand. There is no point in buying a product in which customers do not have any interest. The criterium is to do what customers want but in a unique way. Check what other manufacturers are offering and then design your product in a different way to delight the customers.

People are always drawn to products which make their life better. Do not manufacture products based on your choices but on what is required. Well, you can not feed your baby forcefully so there is no sense in saying that you can sell something which is not needed by the buyer when he/she is old enough.

The Larger The Contacts, The Better The Sales

Yes, sales leads are important. When you are just starting, you do not know who the customers for your products are. It is best to approach them proactively. Engage a marketing analytics team who can explore the various marketing tools, social media platform, etc. and provide you with a potential customer base.

Once you have the sales leads in hand, call, email or text the customers to make them aware of your business. Now the primary rule of getting sales lead is to get a large list. The more people you contact, the better are the prospects of making a sale. This job is made easy if you are selling on a well- known free online selling sites like eBay. These digital platforms already have a strong customer base.

I watched an interview where a director/producer was asked questions by an actor(anchor) have a look:

Anchor:  How do you make a lot of movies where top stars make cameos in it.  Why  do you do that even though it already has very big names in it?

D/P: That is the benefit of making relations. I do not have to pay them as they are friends  and I know very well how to use someone’s potential being friend.

Customers Buy From The Business They Like

Just manufacturing a quality product is not enough. It is also important to be in the good books of the customers. This is possible only if you are easily approachable. Customer service is an important aspect of today’s business market. Besides a 24*7 customer care number, get an exclusive customer care email id so that the buyers can easily reach you, anytime.

A customer will return only if he/she gets the queries answered or complaints addressed in less time. It is also important to listen to the customers. This means customer feedback is important. Capture customer reviews and try to improvise the products and services following the feedback. So just taking credit for the appreciation is not enough, taking responsibility for what went wrong is also important.

There Is Always Room For Improvement

This is an extremely important law of business. Being overtly satisfied with own products and services can become detrimental to the business. Go for a SWOT analysis at regular intervals; this is recognizing own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Then set a goal and focus. Sellers should have the right attitude to be a success in the business. Instead of getting scared of the existing business flaws, make a commitment to eliminate the unproductive elements in the business.

Final Words

Last but not least; long hours of hard work, thinking about what customers desire instead of your own choices will provide you with the ultimate level of success in the business. A business owner should always remember business is not a lottery ticket; it is not a matter of luck, it is about how persistence he/ she has been in the endeavor.

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