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4 Most Neglected Hygiene Problems and Their Care Tips

Personal hygiene is a personal choice, but it is a necessity which one cannot do without as far as the health and the general wellness of a person are concerned. The health of hair, eyes, oral system, hands, and feet are fundamentally important to govern the proper functioning of your internal system. These are often neglected by us and may lead to grave consequences like infections, ulcers, lesions and often tumorous growth.

Importance of Hygiene in Our Daily Routine

Hygiene adds to the feel-good factor of your existence, self-esteem, and confidence. It is not important to live longer but to live a healthy life, and personal hygiene contributes to that.  Hygiene helps in fighting following problems:

  • Infection Prevention.
  • Curbing harmful bacteria or germs that enter your digestive tract and cause intestinal infections.
  • Prevention of dirt, dust, and germs from entering the eyes which are very sensitive.
  • Breathing issues like asthma, bronchitis, and lung infections because of pollution.
  • Itching and irritation.
  • Odor-causing bacteria can be curbed and perspiration can be reduced.
  • Urinary tract infections.

The most neglected hygiene issues that need immediate attention are listed below with tips to address them:

Hair and Scalp

The environmental pollution and the natural oils excreted by the pores in your scalp may lead to itching, scabbing, flaking, dandruff, hair fall, psoriasis and more negativity due to compromise in hygiene. You must know about hair related problems and solutions in order to take a good care for your hair as hair is the biggest gifted accessory specially for a women.

The hair care essentials that helps maintain the health of your hair and scalp is an ANTI-FUNGAL THERAPEUTIC SHAMPOO. Microscopic yeast that flourishes in oily scalps and neglected sweaty hair can lead to a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Consulting a dermatologist before determining the best anti-fungal shampoo is recommended. The main ingredient being ketoconazole binds the protein in your scalp to fight fungus, prevents unhealthy hair fall, conditions hair, controls pH balance, and recovers blood circulation in the capillaries.

The top 3 products to maintain the hygiene of hair and scalp are:

  • Therapeutic Coal Tar Shampoo
  • Therapeutic Anti-fungal Shampoo
  • Follicle Cleansing Shampoo

Eyes and Surrounding Area

Eyes are the windows to the world. Maintaining your ocular health, and the health of lashes, lids, and the surrounding area is as important as your vision. An EYE HEALTH MEDICAL SOLUTION is the hygiene essential that restores moisture, prevents bacterial growth, and filters away dust and mucus from the membranes within the eyes that build up due to overheating and dead cells within the eyes. Aloe Vera has anti-microbial attributes and rehydrating qualities that improve eye health. Non-irritating and preservative-free solutions can be used routinely since they have a compound called 4-Terpineol which cleanses microscopic debris and residual oils in the eyelids and lashes while moisturizing the skin around the eyes. Zeaxanthin and Lutein compounds prevent most eye diseases while improving the optic nerve health and by preventing the onset of vision degenerative diseases. Even warts, boils, and eye infections causing redness and blurry vision can be prevented using specially formulated eye solutions. If you wear contact lenses, then using an anti-microbial solution before putting them on is paramount.

The Top 3 recommended Products for Eye Hygiene are:

  • Eyelid Wipes
  • Warm/Cold Eye Compresses
  • Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

Oral Health

Your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth together form your oral structure. Oral health is important as they form the foundation of your overall wellness, which is often taken for granted. Poor oral health is a sign of poor nutrition or infections caused by lack of hygiene. Mouth lesions, bad breath, cavities, ulcers etc apparently are the first indicators of systemic diseases.

Significant oral health-related issues and their resolving products are mentioned below:

    • Smoking

      Smoking other than causing cancer, is an addiction that can lead to a chain of oral hygiene issues like, Bad breath, tooth discoloration, plaque, and tartar build up in the mouth, inflammation of salivary glands opening on the roof of the mouth, lowered jaw bone density, leukoplakia, gum disease, delayed healing after oral surgeries and periodontal treatments, failure of dental implants etc. Chewing Nicotine Gums can help in reducing the ill-effects of smoking and to an extent help in stopping the urge to smoke. Nicotine patches that can be taped on to your body deliver small doses of Nicotine to your body through your skin in order to reduce your cravings by simulating it in the brain. This would take 8 to 12 weeks to show credible results.

    • Tooth Decay

      Erosion of tooth enamel and the dentin layer of teeth is called tooth decay. It is usually called by sugary or starchy food intake which mixes with saliva and bacteria to cause acidic reactions. A good Antiseptic Mouthwash, which has mint or clove extracts can counter perform to prevent decay. The use of dentist recommended sensitivity toothpaste by regular brushing can also help. Bad breath and foul words cannot be taken back, thus the regular use of good Dental Flosses or Flossing Picks can be a good move to reduce bad breath.

    • Plaque

      Plaque is another issue where a thin layer of unhealthy is caused by bacteria on teeth and can be prevented by using a rounded-tip bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. Dental Sealants also help in reducing plaque.

    • Tooth Abscesses

      Tooth abscesses are painful pus infected pockets formed around teeth can also be prevented with proper hygiene.

Top 3 oral hygiene products include:

        • Oral Whitening Strips
        • UV Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
        • Mouthwash Concentrate

Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are more susceptible to infections since they have nails and come in direct contact with microorganisms and dirt while working or walking.
Using a good hand sanitizer that comes in the form of gels, foams, sprays, and wipes containing alcohol-based ingredients along with vitamin E, Aloe, fragrances, Benzalkonium Chloride or Benzethonium Chloride, and some natural ingredients like thyme and tea tree oil. It helps in preventing H1N1 Flu virus, Diarrhoea causing bacteria and other fungal infections. Another important factor in hands and feet hygiene is clipping of nails, which acts as a receptacle of dirt and germs. A good manicure and pedicure kit with antiseptic properties is always a good investment. Sea salt-based products are also great for hands and feet hygiene since their microbial killing property is a form of mother nature’s blessings.

Good Deodorizing sprays or balms are essential for preventing smelly feet. Antiperspirant socks also help in reduced sweat on your feet.

The top 3 hands and feet hygiene products are:

      • Manicure and Pedicure SetsAnti-microbial Foot and Hands Cream
      • Foot scrubber and reviver

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