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5 Branding Secrets for E-commerce Success on sites like eBay

The virtual marketplace model is immensely popular these days. Retail sellers prefer these websites rather than having their own mobile applications or websites for selling products. eBay and Amazon are some of the online marketplaces which are used by the retailers for selling purpose. Though these sites have some extraordinary advantages, retailers do not get the exposure they seek as a business on these marketplaces. Therefore, we have brought you the branding secrets.

Buyers purchase from eBay or Amazon but sometimes do not even bother to look at the name of the retailer, while if you talk about the buyers on TrueGether, they get know everything about the seller from the platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn as it is advised to provide your social media accounts while setting up a store on TrueGether.

So how to create a brand image when selling on any of these online marketplaces? Well, I would not make you wait for the answer anymore.

Try Alternatives

Amazon and eBay are almost synonymous with the concept of online marketing. So creating your own space and name on such a platform is tough. These both websites are now full of sellers, and most of the times sellers sell on different websites but with different names, in fact, they sell on the same website but with multiple accounts.

Opt for a marketplace where your name is given preference. A marketplace which features the seller and the manufacturer is better to build a brand name. Choose a marketplace which has a concrete technology and a structured web design. If the buyers are not able to search products and the product listing is cluttered then it will ultimately create a negative image of your company.

If the marketplace you are opting enables customer reviews
there are better chances of getting attention. The reviews can help you get feedback about your products or services; if the review is positive other buyers will be encouraged to buy from you. So just do not try the popular marketplaces but research and choose the online store which is best for your product. Well, TrueGether enables you to carry your reviews with your store if you are already selling on eBay or Amazon. It also lets the buyers review you so that you can make your own unique identity.

Focus on the Product Title

Choose a marketplace which permits you to print your company name on the product package. Along with the product labels, do not forget to mention the name of the company on it. Mention the product title properly while listing the product on the site. The product label should be effective in attracting buyer attention on the platform. The title should be something which is often searched on the internet and also elaborate to help the buyers get information about the item in few words.

For example, if you are selling a perfume then mention the fragrance type at the beginning (like floral or citrus) as it is the keyword using which the buyers search for perfumes. Generally, the product label should at least have 200 characters.

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Utilize Pricing Tools

This is another way to grab the limelight at online marketplaces. When multiple sellers are selling products the most important factor that differentiates them from one another is the price of the product.

Most of the top e-commerce sites have their own pricing tools. Use these online systems to compare the price of the product which you are selling. If you can adjust the price accordingly your company will come to the Buy Box.

This is an online marketing concept which extremely impacts the sales. If you can fit the product price in this Buy Box then whenever the customer searches for the product your company name will be highlighted.

Take care of product photography

During online shopping, customers are dependent on the product images to make their choices. So resort to professional photography to grab their attention. The visual impression is one successful step towards better sales
statistics. Good quality photographs also improve the credibility of the brand.

Also, try to be in sync with the overall feel of the site. For example, if the website has all its images over a white background then do not fall out of the place with gaudy themes.

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Be Unique!

This is another way to acquaint your brand name to users. If you are selling a specific mobile model then try to keep all the color variants of the cell phone available. Also if you have more stock of the product than your competitors, there are high chances that you will get noticed. Whenever the products of other sellers get out of stock you become the default choice for the buyers. Another way in which you can differentiate your products is by offering something extra; like a mobile back cover along with the phone. One of the
effective e-commerce tips is to update the product range every three months. Get products which are exclusively available online and not at the retail stores. Last but not the least; keep track of the recent trends and customer  preferences. What is their expectation when buying a product online? If you cater to their requirements, e-commerce success is within your reach.

Key Takeaways

First things first, look for the alternatives to eBay, if you are not satisfied there. It is not good to get exploited further at a particular marketplace. So look out marketplaces. After the seller has finalized platform, one can go for the title of the products,  as this what makes your product searchable, keep it according to the searches on Google.

Once you have finalized the title of the product, always decide at what price you are ready to sell the product. Keep it according to your competitors as buyers are always looking for best deals, sometimes you can offer something else at the same price.

This is the time you should see how your product should look at the marketplace, it means to look for the best photographer to click pictures of your products. It is all about how you display your product on the website. Now is the time to be unique among all the sellers. It is all about what you are offering and how you are different in what you offer.

TrueGether is a marketplace which is the best alternative to eBay and Amazon. Here you can post an unlimited number of products with the ratings and being a renowned name, you will get the sale too. TrueGether is the perfect destination where your name is as valuable as the product which you are selling. Once you make an account on TrueGether do not forget to use social media (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest) to spread the news that you are selling online.

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